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RIP can stand for many things relating to computers. Here is a list:

  • Raster Image Processor
  • Real IP address
  • Recovery is Possible
  • Relative Instruction-Pointer
  • Remote Imaging Protocol
  • Routing Information Protocol
  • Row Instruction Pointer,


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The acronym "RIP" generally stands for Rest In Peace.

Rip it, rip it out of the cd. Also, how do you know how to use a computer if you can't figure this out?

C^RIP stand for C^rips rule insane piru

Use your Windows Media Player. It can rip CDs to your computer.

It means you are downloading music on to your computer from your CD.

Put the CD in your drive then open windows media player and go to the rip tab. It can rip any song from your CD to your computer.

In terms of CDs and DVDs, 'Rip' means extract content. In this case, 'to rip a CD' means to copy the content to the computer and save it there. The application 'DVD Rip' does just that.

It means to copy music from a CD to a computer or any other device for which you have the option to rip.

When you RIP a DVD, you will be able to get the DVD on your computer as a file, most likely as an .mp4 file.

your iPod does register with itunes, just go to and download the itunes program to your computer... then when its downloaded then you plug in your iPod and rip a CD onto the itunes by just putting a CD into your computer and click rip or it will rip automatically for you =)

Yes, it is legal to rip a borrowed CD onto your computer. But the thing that makes it illegal is burning it onto one of those CDs that you can do whatever with.

No, if you rip a CD the music will be on your computer but the CD will still retain the music as well.

load the CD into your computer rip the songs into your computer then sync those songs into your iPod

Personal computer Personal computer.

I do not know what you mean by DVD extras. Your Mac comes with iDVD which can be used to rip DVDs.

An office cannot function without computers. This is the main reason why every office needs a firm computer stand. A computer stand will support the weight of the computer. It will also give an office worker a chance to stay organized. A good computer stand can be purchased at any retail or office-supply store.

You go to our music thing push rip and sine

in 1996 the mackintosh was debutRIP Steve Jobs

It is abosolutely possible to rip audio from video files. You only need to use a computer audio recorder.

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