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What does RNA carry?

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RNA stands for ribonucleic acid. It carries the coding for protein synthesis. It is the same coding as the DNA but instead of Thymine it has Uracil. So now the base pairs are A-U G-C

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Does DNA carry genetic information?


Do proteins carry hereditary information?

No, DNA and RNA carry hereditary information.

Most RNA viruses carry which enzymes?

reverse transcriptase. With this enzyme, the RNA viruses can make DNA using their RNA as a template.

Which amino acid does GTT carry?

glutamine because GTT is the t-RNA and CAA is the m-RNA

What are the sequences of the anticodeons for the transfer RNA molecules that carry each of the amino in the protein sequence?

what are the sequences of the anticodon for the transfer RNA molecules that carry each of the amino acids in the protein

What are the molecules that carry amino acids to the ribosomes?

Transfer RNA

Do DNA and RNA carry genetic information?

yes, they both do

What do you call molecules that carry out most cell function?


Do organic molecules carry genetic information?

Yes it carry genetic information through DNA OR RNA

What is the relationship between strands of DNA and RNA?

DNA tells a cell what to do RNA helps to carry it out In other words, they are complementary.

Does transfer RNA carry coded messages from the nucleus to the cytoplasm?


Does does RNA carry 20 different amino acids?

It doesn't carry the amino acids, it carries the code for them, the codons.

Do nucleic acids carry your genetic information?

Yes. A nucleic acid is your DNA and RNA. DNA = deoxyriboNUCLEIC ACID RNA = riboNUCLEIC ACID

Molecules carry protein assembly instructions from the nucleus to the cytoplasm?

Messenger RNA

What macromolecule serves as an intermediary to carry the message between DNA and the ribosome?


Is the major function of rna is to carry out the genetic instructions for protein synthesis?


Is the major function of RNA to carry out the genetic instructions for protein synthesis?


What are the key differences in messenger RNA and transfer RNA?

The first difference is that Messenger RNA is a code carrier for polypeptide while transfer RNA does not carry any code. Another difference is that mRNA is an ufolded molecule while tRNA is a folded molecule.

What is the role of rna in gene expression?

The central dogma of molecular biology has been: DNA makes RNA; RNA makes proteins. Proteins carry out the bulk of functions involved in running a living organism.

What does RNA stand for in cells?

RNA is ribonucleic acid. It is a nucleic acid just as DNA. DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid. It actually has to do with OH groups on the sugars ribose and deoxyribose. In higher organisms, RNA functions: to carry the message from DNA, to carry an amino acid, and in the make up of organelles called ribosomes.

What does the messenger RNA carry that is of the DNA instructions of the nucleus to the?

The mRNA molecules carry the coded instructions for making proteins from the nucleus out to the ribosomes.

Which mRNA molecule carries the amino acids?

I think you mean "which RNA molecule carries the amino acids?" mRNA will never carry an amino acid; however, tRNA (another class of RNA) will carry amino acids in translation.

What is the function of messenger RNA?

The function of messenger RNA is to carry copies of the instructions for assembling amino acids into proteins to the rest of the cell or, more specifically, to the ribosomes.

What are molecules that temporarily carry a specific amino acid on the end called?

Transfer RNA

How does nucleic acids carry information?

They contain DNA and RNA which hold genetic information.