What does Rey Mysterio look like without his mask?

Rey Mysterio is cute when he has his mask off. He also looks way different when he has the mask on. If you want to see it, you can go to Google and type in rey mysterio jr or Rey Mysterio unmasked. You can also see it on Youtube.com I second dat he is very handsome but i still don't like his wrestling persona

Rey Mysterio looks very good and every body should know that he had took

off his mask in one of the wrestling matches if you watched it.

And if you want to see him just go to Google and or YouTube.com and type in either

Rey Mysterio or Rey Mysterio unmasked and this is your girl DOMONIQUE999.

i think Rey Mysterio is OK looking with his mask off but i think John Cena is better looking
Looks very young at least in the video that I saw. Not bad looking at all. he is old now, but he looks young with the mask