What does SL and SE mean on a car?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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S mean Sport , SL mean Sport Luxury , SE mean Sport Elegance and Special Edition . It also means straight edge. (for life)
special edition

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Q: What does SL and SE mean on a car?
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What is the average price of a Mercedez SL 65 AMG car?

The Mercedez SL 65 AMG is an elegant and expensive car. Its MSRP price is at $212,240. The base price of the Mercedez SL 65 AMG car invoice is at $197,383.

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How much does the mercedes sl cost?

The Mercedes Benz SL is a luxury sports car. The starting price for the SL 550 is approximately $104,000. The Mercedes SL63 AMG edition starts at about $140,000.

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1997 Saturn SL with a service light and a wrench what does this mean?

it means that the car is due for service. a mechanic(certified) has the equipment to turn off the light. my car has run just fine for 60,000 miles with the light on

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How do you disable your car alarm 2004 murano Nissan?

how do i disable my car alarm on a 2004 nissan Murano sl

What is the car on the dior homme ad?

It's aMercedes-Benz 190 SL

What do the abbreviations se le and xle as used in defining the model of a car mean?

You are dealing with model designations. They normally mean Special Edition (SE), Limited Edition (LE), and Extreme Limited Edition (XLE). But it may also mean nothing and is just a model designation.