What does SNS mean on twitter?

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Sorry-Not-Sorry if it is meant for a specific person, if it is a post about the sites themselves it means Social Network Site
In Texting it means Sorry-not Sorry, but in regards to twitter or facebook as a website SNS stands for social network service. Some of the most popular SNS sites are Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.
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What does tin sn mean?

The "Sn" used for tin comes from its Latin name like many otherelements. It is an abbreviation of the Latin name "Stannum."

What does FF mean on Twitter?

"FF" on Twitter means "Follow Friday": Basically it's aboutpromoting an interesting Twitter user and helping them getfollowers. To participate, you recommend that people follow someone. Here's the syntax: USER_WHO_IS_RECOMMENDING #FF @recommendeduser1 @recommendeduser2@recommendeduser3

What does Twitter or Twittering mean?

twitter is a website where you write what you are doing every second of the day....its not twittering itz tweeting n that's when ur telling people what ur doing...............on twitter people also put there emotions or talk about how they feel u kno u don't have to say im eating right now or now im ( Full Answer )

What does ftw mean in twitter slang?

FTW is an acronym that stands for "For the Win." It used to mean, "F*ck the world," but that meaning is becoming less and less popular.

What is the meaning of RT in Twitter?

RT stands for "ReTweet" and is when one Twitter user copy pastes something another Twitter user has said b/c he/she found it interesting and for some reason wanted to repost it on their page.

What does the SN mark stamp on jewelry mean?

I think it's probably NS rather than SN (it can be read upside down or right way up!) It signifies it is a rolled gold necklace (ie a form of gold plated necklace) with the base metal being a mix of Nickel and Silver. .

What is the meaning of pound sign in twitter?

The hash sign # is an important community feature on Twitter, much like the @ sign. While @ is used to denote @replies, the # is used to denote #hashtags. A #hashtag is used to mark tweets on a given topic, allowing for that topic to be searched for easily. For example, tweets about WikiAnswers may ( Full Answer )

What does TT mean on twitter?

TT means ' trending topic' . A trending topic is what the people on Twitter are mostly talking about. E.G. Person On Twitter: Puppies are cute! Another person: Puppies are cute! Then, if many people say that, it will show on the side of your Twitter page. Hope this helps! (:

What does sn mean in text slang?

well im wun of dem wuns inih n sn means say nuttin lyk at the end of a convo inih lyk its anova version of say nomore :) sn means say nuffin or say nada or niz get ur facets right kmt bludd mans on this crud tingg so dnt get me gassed sn hahahahaah btw nada means nothing aswell so dnt come ona ( Full Answer )

What does tj mean in Twitter?

There are various things it could mean, see the related link for a list of known meanings.

What does SN mean in text?

It basiclly means So lame. Girl: My mum wouldn't buy me shoes. ;( And I really wanted them! Ugh. Girl2: Awww...That's SL. Here's another example in text form: Girl: Did u see that gurl's outfit? Dat was SO 5 minutes ago. Girl2: IKR? Dat outfit was SL. Hope this helps.

What does dead mean on Twitter?

It is no longer in existence or is not mentioned about anymore oras much as it was before it's state of being "dead".

What does verified account mean on Twitter?

Verified accounts are given to celebrities by Twitter to prove thatthey are the real celebrity and not a fake account. It makes iteasier for fans to make sure they are following who they think theyare, and to help keep them safe on the internet. A verified Twitter account is an account that Twitter ( Full Answer )

What does PS SN mean in Navy?

SN is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are an E-3 or Seaman. PS is the specialty that they are striking for. PS stands for Personnel Specialist, a rating that works with service records of the other Navy individuals..

What means shoutout on twitter?

This is when you tell all of your other followers about one of your other followers who they should follow.

What is exact meaning of Twitter?

The official definition is: . Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, owned and operated by Twitter Inc., that enables its users to send and read other user messages called tweets..

What does twitter pated mean?

Twitterpated is the state of being excited and/or aroused at the arrival of spring. When flowers bloom, they are twitterpated. When animals mate, they are twitterpated.

What does plus 1 mean on Twitter?

"one.... the number one.....wat else??" Don't agree with the idiot who wrote the above answer. +1 clearly means ME TOO, or I AGREE in Twitter e.g. @Someone posts "@SomeoneElse I think that GooglePlus won't replace FB, but hopes it will." @SomeoneElse replies with "+1 and I hate Zuckerberg so m ( Full Answer )

What does 'WW' mean on Twitter?

' W oof W ednesday' It is similar to ' F ollow F riday' but instead of recommending people they follow, they recommend their pet's twitter account. Alternatively it might mean W riters W ednesday since most people using it seem to do so to share the names of people who write. No reason you can ( Full Answer )

What does GW mean on twitter?

George Washington (University) There is a Twitter challenge to follow them and donate money to help people in need in Africa.

What does 'opf' mean in Twitter context?

This isn't a specific Twitter abbreviation. It's likely that it stands for various organizations or they screwed up on say of and accidentally put in an p.

What does listed mean on twitter?

Lists allow users to select certain people they follow to be in a special, specific timeline. For example, you could make a list of all the members of your favorite band. Then, when you go to that list, you will only see their tweets. If you're listed then it means someone has added you to one of ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of signing out from Twitter?

It means you are no longer logged in to your account and no longer able to post tweets etc. You should always sign out if you are using a shared or public computer/laptop so that nobody else can post on your account/get your details.

What does 20x20 mean on Twitter?

When people on Twitter do that, it means, they keep giving each other shoutouts till they both get 20 new followers.

What does favourite mean on Twitter?

It means you can add tweets to a "favourite" list. Tweets that you favourite will appear in this list so you can see them all in one place. It is similar to the like feature on Facebook.

What does it mean to follow something on Twitter?

You are now receiving updates to the account of the person you're "following" through your own twitter feed. You can read messages that person sends out to the Twitter world on your own page rather than having to go to theirs.

What does F4F mean on Twitter?

Another meaning is Flash MP4 Video Fragment created and used byAdobe Media Server for HTTP Dynamic streaming. As F4F files areseparating video clips and F4F is not a so common video format, itis incompatible with most video media players, portable devices orediting software. If you want to merge or ( Full Answer )

What does request a follow mean on twitter?

Some people make their tweets private on Twitter,they only allow their followers to read their tweets.Also,if any person who wants to follow them must need to request first.

What does favorite mean on Twitter?

You can mark a tweet as a "favorite" so that they appear in a special "favorite's" list. This is so you can see the best, funniest, most inspiring tweets etc that you liked in the one place.

What does fade mean on Twitter?

There are lots of different variations of what it could mean. Not one definition is widely used on Twitter. You should ask the person you seen use it what it means.

What does DFTS mean on Twitter?

DFTS stands for Don't Forget to Smile !! @zendaya96 (Zendaya Coleman from Shake It Up uses it with the hash tag: #DFTS)

What is the meaning of rip on twitter?

In slang,, a "rip" is normally a criticism or negative comment. It may be made as an insult or critique of a person based on something they say or do. The letters "RIP" in a username means "rest in peace" (meaning that someone or something is dead). This can be used to suggest that a policy or co ( Full Answer )

What does F MEAN on Twitter?

'F' could stand for any number of things on Twitter. The widely used 'FF' on Twitter stands for Follow Friday.

What is the meaning of MT in Twitter?

MT stands for "Modified Tweet". It is used by users to recognize that they have modified an original tweet before retweeting it.

What does sub mean on Twitter?

Sub is used on Twitter when you are referring to someones tweet but you don't actually retweet the tweet in question. It's mainly used when everyone understands who you are referring to.

What do hash marks mean on twitter?

Hash tags are a fun way to group your tweets. For example you will see on a TV show use hash tag #DATE users will tweet that and all the tweets are compiled. Normally If it gets half of twiters community it will trend!

What does the SN mark stamp on jewerly mean?

If a piece of jewerly bears the SN mark stamp one is reading it upside down. The mark stamp actually says NS. NS means that the jewelery is made from gold, silver and nickel, where nickel and silver are the base metal.

What does it mean when your crush follows you on twitter?

You shouldn't read too much into a follow on a social media website. That would be like them adding you on Facebook. You can't base all of your curiosity on that follow. It could be a subtle movement toward, "Hey, I like you! Do you like me?" but you don't know that for sure; thus, the best thing fo ( Full Answer )