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Her hair is a dark brown and she does all kind of hairstyles.

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Q: What does Selena Gomez hair looks like?
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How do I get Selena gomez's haircut?

Go to a barber ask if they know who Selena Gomez is if they say yes then ask if they konw how do hair like Selena Gomez if they say yes then ask if they could do your hair like Selena Gomez

What does Selena look like?

Well Selena Gomez looks like, WAIT WAIT WAIT YOU DONT KNOW WHAT SELENA GOMEZ LOOKS LIKES! anyway she has long dark brown hair very pretty slim is cute and has really cool style

What does Selena Gomez look like?

Selena Gomez has dark brown hair. She also has bright and flawless skin. Selena looks like her mom Mandy Teefy. And she has brown eyes that shine always. :) (She wears different hairstyles!)

How do Selena gomez look like when she is little?

Selena Gomez was on Barney And Friends when she was little. She looks the same but younger.

Is Selena Gomez handsome?

She looks like a child.. if you are into that I guess she is :/

Is Selena gomez hair wavy or straight?

Selena's hair is wavy. But the type and style of her wavy locks have changed a few times. Earlier Selena's wavy hair was long and gorgeous. After that she had a bob cut. Now her wavy hair is much shorter and looks great.

How can you make your hair curly like Selena Gomez?

it can be curled

How did Selena Gomez's hair look like when she was born?


Is it true Justin Bieber boyfriend is about Selena Gomez?

yes because the girl in the music video looks like Selena Gomez

Does Selena gomez like plaid clothes?

may be and maybe she doesn't if Selena Gomez looks at this website maybe she can answer that for herself. from, makala

How do you get your hair to be like Selena gomez's?

Print out a picture with the hairstyle that you want from Selena Gomez and then go to your salon and ask your hair stylist and show her the picture to do the hairstyle.

What does like Selena Gomez without make up?

She looks adorable

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