What does Soy una Reina?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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I am a Queen!

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Q: What does Soy una Reina?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Una reina - 1984?

Una reina - 1984 is rated/received certificates of: Spain:T

When was Historia de Una Reina created?

Historia de Una Reina was created on 2005-08-02.

What actors and actresses appeared in Una reina - 1984?

The cast of Una reina - 1984 includes: Carlos Canto Will More Cyra Toledo

What does soy una persona mean in Spanish?

"Soy una persona" means "I am a (or one) person".

How do you say I am an athletic woman in spanish?

Soy una mujer deportiva. OR Soy una mujer atlética.

How do you say I am an organized girl in spanish?

Soy una niña organizada Soy una chica organizada

What does no soy una senorita mean in English?

"No soy una señorita" means "I am not a lady" in English.

When you say Soy una fanatica de do you use verb plus ando for ex like soy una fanatica de estudiando?

No, in Spanish you have to say Soy una fanática de estudiar

What does yo soy trabajador?

Soy un estudiante --> I am a student (man) Soy una estudiante --> I am a student (woman)

When was La Reina del Sur created?

Yo Soy La Reina was created on 1997-11-25.

What does yo soy nessectio una novia mean in English?

The "soy" is not necessary in this sentence. "Necesito una novia" means I need a girlfiriend.

Usted Es Mi Reina y Soy Su Rey?

You are my Queen and I am your King