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Faith Hope and Love (charity), these three remain, but the greatest of these is Love.

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Q: What does St. Paul teach about love?
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What is St. Paul's Co-educational College's motto?

St. Paul's Co-educational College's motto is 'Faith, Hope, Love'.

What the mission of St. Vincent de Paul?

The mission of St Vincent de Paul is to help the poor and love them and to obey God's commandment......

What is St. Paul's Matriculation Higher Secondary School's motto?

The motto of St. Paul's Matriculation Higher Secondary School is 'Faith, Love, Service'.

What is the motto of St. Paul's Convent English Higher Secondary School?

The motto of St. Paul's Convent English Higher Secondary School is 'Love Through Service'.

In what 4 ways did St. Paul say that the holy scripture can be used?

St Paul wrote that all scripture can be used: To teach people. To correct them when they go wrong. To guide them in their living lives and to show them the way to be holy.

What does St. Paul say never ends in the bible?

Love. See I Corinthians 13:8.

Who was the only person to describe love in the bible?

St paul was the only person that described love in the bible in 1corinthians13. by Sophia christon

Is it true that St. Paul compared the love of husband and wife to the love of Jesus and his church?

The Bible clearly says that the church is Jesus' bride. I dont know about St. Paul but the Bible tells us that Jesus will one day come back for his bride.

Is St. Paul on a coast?


What is the difference between St Paul's Church and Jehovah's Witnesses?

Is "St. Paul's Church" a local church somewhere? It sounds like the name of a local Catholic church. If you know what they teach, believe, and practice, I can provide a couple of links in the "Related Links" section below that tells you the Basic Bible based beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses, then you can compare that with what you know about St. Paul's.

Where is the St. Paul Public Library in St. Paul located?

The address of the St. Paul Public Library is: 145 Fifth Street, St. Paul, 72760 0123

What was St. Paul called by Jesus?

Jesus called st. Paul ....err... Paul I guess