What does Sulphur Dioxide do?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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Sulfer Dioxide is a chemical used in wastewater to remove chlorine from wastewater effluent, usually before discharging into a body of water. when placed in solution it creates sulfuric acid, which can be used for various laboratory tests. Also, when Sulphur Dioxide gas, released into the air, comes into contact with water, rain, they mix forming Sulfuric Acid [H2SO4] contributing to the acid rain problem.

Also, if an air breathing creature, including Man, breathes Sulphur Dioxide gas, it will combine with the water in the mucus in the eyes, nasal passages, windpipe, and lungs, again forming Sulfuric Acid, which can cause severe tissue burns, acute pulmomary edema [leaking body fluid], and even result in death. If one who is working heavily, and thus sweating profusely, comes into contact with Sulfur Dioxide gas, again , acid is formed, which will result in severe itching, burning of the skin, and within a few days, peeling of the outer skin layer(s), much like a very severe sunburn. === ===

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Sulfur Dioxide is a poisonous gas,When the fumes of sulfur dioxide are released in the atmosphere it combines with the normal rain to form Sulfuric acid(acid rain).When this acid rain comes down it lowers the pH of lakes and ponds,Which causes the gills of the fish to suffocate.It also leaches aluminum ions out of the soil and causes the trees to wither and die.When it reaches the city area it destroys the buildings and stoneworks.

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Q: What does Sulphur Dioxide do?
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How do you differentiate between sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide?

The difference between sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide is that there are 2 molecules of oxygen present in sulphur dioxide (SO2) and there are 3 molecules of oxygen are present in sulphur trioxide (SO3).

Is sulphur dioxide a hydrocarbonprotienvitamen mineral or lipid?

It is a mineral. Sulphur dioxide certainly is not a lipid.

How is sulphur dioxide released in to the atmosphere?

volcanoes usually release sulphur dioxide, after an eruption.

Which energy sources produce carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide?

Burning coal (a fossil fuel) releases carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide.

What is Sulphur dioxide used for?

Sulphur dioxide is a reducing agent and is used for bleaching and as a fumigant and food preservative. Large quantities of sulphur dioxide are used in the contact process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid. Sulphur dioxide is used in bleaching wool or straw, and as a disinfectant. Liquid sulphur dioxide has been used in purifying petroleum products

Is sulphur dioxide a mixture a compound or an element?

It is a compound.The chemical formula for sulphur dioxide is SO2. It is made of elements sulphur and oxygen. So it is a compound.

What do gas have?

sulphur dioxide

Does sulphure dioxide burn?

Yes: With a sufficient supply of oxygen, sulphur dioxide will burn to form sulphur trioxide.

Is sulphur dioxide made of ionic compound?

No. sulphur dioxide has polar covalent bond and is a polar covalent compound.

What is the name of a gas that starts with S?

Sulphur dioxide, Sulphur trioxide...

What element does coal contain to make sulphur dioxide when it burns?


When sulfur burns in air does it make sulfur oxide or sulfur dioxide?

It makes Sulphur Dioxide. and little Sulphur Trioxide.