What does TBS mean?

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What does tbs stand for on Facebook?

What does tbs mean on Facebook

What does the cooking abbreviation tbs mean?

tbs= Table Spoons

What does tbs in torrent file names mean?

tbs refers to TorrentBits

What does tbs in the car means?

TBS?? If you mean TPS it is the throttle position sensor.

What does TBS mean when baking?


What is the abbreviation tbs mean in cooking?

tbs in cooking means 'tablespoons' example- 5 tbs of sugar menas that you put 5 tablespoons of sugar in the mixture...

Definition of tsb in cooking?

Do you mean tbs? Tbs means "tablespoon" while tsp means" teaspoon."

How many tbs are in a tbsp?

That's the same thing! Tbs Tbsp.... do you mean tsp and TBSP.... 3tsp=1Tbsp

How many tbs in a tbsp?

You'll have to tell us what a "tbs" is first. If you mean teaspoon, that is 'tsp' and there are 3 in a tablespoon

If 32 TBS are in a pound of butter how many TBS are in 34 pound of butter?

32 tbs ( x multiply) by 34 pounds = 1,088 tbs

How many cups does 8 tablespoons equal?

1 tbs =1/2 oz. 2 Tbs=1 oz. 3 Tbs= 1 1/2 oz. 4 Tbs= 2 oz. 4 Tbs X 2=8 Tbs ------------------- 2 oz x 2 = 4 oz= 8 Tbs.

What is the equivalent for 3oz of fluid in tbs?

18 tbs

Why does TBS not broadcast Braves games anymore?

the contract was over and tbs was sold the contract was over and tbs was sold

What channel is tbs on in minnesota?

If you have Comcast, TBS is on channel 7.

How many tbs in 2 oz?

2oz = 4 tbs

What is the meaning of tbs in cooking?

Tbs is short for tablespoon in recipes.

Is Tbl a correct abbreviation for tablespoon?

TBS, I think.

How many tbs in 18.75 grams of butter?

1.5 tbs

How many tbs in one cup of flour?

That is 30 tbs.

When was NASCAR on TBS created?

NASCAR on TBS was created in 1983.

When was NBA on TBS created?

NBA on TBS was created in 1994.

How many tablespoons. in a coffee scoop?

I have 3 coffee scoops. -They are 1 tbs, 2 tbs and 6 tbs.

Why does TBS not have closed caption?

It is well known that TBS viewers are unable to read. It is well known that TBS viewers are unable to read.

How many tbs are in 50cc?

3.381 Tbs

How many tbs in1 cup?

There are 16 tbs in 1 cup.

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