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Well, the spelling is so bad that I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say. It looks like you meant to type this: Tá dó Gaeilge go h'iontach mo cailín agus a ???? mór ar fheabhas. There is no such word I've ever heard of as 'cioca' in Gaeilge (Irish), and I can't tell what the word should be. Can you clarify? In the meantime, I can answer part of it. (My Irish is terrible, so hopefully someone else will correct me if I'm wrong...) Gaeilge is wonderfully useful for my girl and her excellent big ???

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Q: What does Ta do gaeilge go hinotech mo cailin agus a cioca mor ar fheabhas tranlate to in English from Gaelic?
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What language was spoken by the Irish immigrants?

Gaeilge or English, or both.

What is another name for the Irish language?

In the Irish language, they call it Gaeilge, and in the English language they call it Irish.

What does gaeilge agat labhair liom mean in English?

Gaeilge (Irish language) agat (at-you) labhair (speaking) liom (with me)Doesn't make sense. What are you trying to say?

What are the 2 official languages of the Republic of Ireland?

Constitutionally, first, Irish and second, English.

What does Galánta mean in English?

It mean's Elegant.Well If you mean the Gaeilge Aidiachtaí it's elegant!:)

What is 'oíche mhaith níl Gaeilge mhaith agam' in English?

"Oíche mhaith" means "good night" "Níl Gaeilge mhaith agam" means "I don't speak Irish well"

What is the Irish Gaelic translation of the English word 'apple'?

Úll is a Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) equivalent of the English word "apple".Specifically, the word is a masculine noun in its singular form. It may be found written as an t-úll ("the apple"). The pronunciation will be "ool" in Gaeilge.

Is Gaeilge easy to learn if you are fluent in Cymraeg?

Not necessarily, many people think that Celtic and Gaelic are the same but they are not(hence the two different names). The cultures and languages are quite different and actually quite confusing if you know one and not the other. I am Welsh, I speak Cymraeg as my native tongue and have tried to understand Gaeilge but so much of it goes against everything I know in Cymraeg that I just get frustrated and give up. It's easier to go from English to Gaeilge or even from Latin to Gaeilge than it is from Cymraeg to Gaeilge.

When was Foras na Gaeilge created?

Foras na Gaeilge was created in 1999.

What does condrah na gaeilge mean?

Conradh na Gaeilge means "the Gaelic League"

What is the Gaelic for 'you do understand Irish'?

If a question, An dtuigeann tú Gaeilge. As a statement Tuigeann tú Gaeilge.

How do you write 'in Irish'?

as Gaeilge