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What does UL listed Fire Alarm System mean?


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A UL-Listed Fire Alarm System is one that has been properly designed, built from UL-listed components, installed by properly trained technicians, tested by an authorized inspector and maintained according to the necessary standards, with proper records kept of periodic testing and maintenance.

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"Non-proprietary" means it is owned, maintained and operated by the fire department. "Proprietary" systems are installed privately, operated privately, maintained privately, inspected privately (with inspection reports to the fire department), and may be required to follow various additional standards for a "listed fire alarm system".

what N.C. mean in diagram alarm

Its a really big fire and you need to stand clear

The terms can sometimes mean the same thing: a self-contained smoke detector with a built-in fire alarm.However, they are technically different and can be obtained in many types.A fire alarm SYSTEM can contain smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations and other sensors related to fire protection, including switches that say the fire sprinklers or the commercial kitchen fire extinguisher has activated. All of these sensors and switches are wired to a fire alarm control panel that monitors them constantly for electrical trouble or for alarm conditions, relaying the alarm message to bells, sirens, strobe lights and maybe even calling the fire department.Most people say "smoke detector" when they mean "self-contained smoke alarm". The smoke alarm does not usually connect to anything other than maybe another smoke alarm or two, so they all make noise when there is a fire, but someone still has to remember to call the fire department.

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A UL fire alarm system is a fire system that has been installed to Underwriters Laboratories specifications and is certified by that same group. The system is inspected by a UL certified inspector on a regular basis and the system must at all times adhere to the UL standard. Any changes or modifications to the system must be UL approved. All of the alarm equipment must be UL certified as well. If the fire system is monitored by a Central Station, the Central Station must also meet the same stringent requirements in order to monitor the signals. The Central Station is also inspected by a UL inspector on a regular basis.

if there is a fire or if the fire alarm is raised evrybody meets at the assembly point

It means - Rescue, Activate alarm, Confine the fire, Evacuate/Extinguish.

it is a component of the alarm system

This can vary based on the type of alarm and manufacturer. Refer to the user manual for your alarm system to troubleshoot any possible problems with your alarm.

R: remove people A: activate alarm C: control fire E: exit/ extinguish fire


That's probably a safety feature. If you have a forced air system it can blow smoke and embers all over the building in a fire, causing health and damage concerns. By disabling the heating system during a fire the furnace will not actively spread the fire. You may want to contact the installer to verify this. What kind of thermostat are we talking about? built-in to a window unit or on the wall for central AC? Is it a residential or commercial system? If a wall mount thermostat, is it with a clock? electronic or mechanical? When you say fire alarm, do you mean a commercial fire alarm or the smoke detectors in your home? If in your home, are they hard wired or battery only?

No! You can't hang or obstruct a fire alarm pull station at any time. To do so would mean you are breaking Health & Safety Regulations (and would probably invalidate your insurance, should there be a fire).

It's a anti theft system which is different than an alarm. You have to turn the key to On then Off then On to get it to start. It's a anti theft system which is different than an alarm. You have to turn the key to On then Off then On to get it to start.

P- pullA- aimS- squeezeS- sweep

The exclamation mark on any sign is an alarm or warning. With a fire symbol, the sign is warning of combustibles nearby.

It means 'End Of Line'. In a fire alarm system (usually conventional systems use this technique) a resistor is placed at the very end of the fire alarm circuit at the last device. This device could be a Manual Call point, Sounder, Bell Smoke/Heat detector, strobe etc. This then enables the panel to monitor the circuit. For example, if the resistor is moved or disconnected, then it will show up as a fault on the panel, giving indication the something has gone wrong in the system and that it needs to be fixed. Not all EOL's are resistors though. They can also be capacitors or diodes from what we know.

The alarm warning light in your 2002 Mazda Protg is an indication that the alarm system is deactivated. Remove the alarm fuse, for 10 seconds. Put the fuse back into its original slot.

You need to be way more clearer with this question? What do you mean? What kind of building are we referring to (Commercial, Residential). And it also depends on the city/town you live/work in and what codes they enforce. Check with a local fire alarm company.

I'm not sure what you mean by "kill switch" But there should be a red push button on the bottom left of your dashboard. The switch can be used to reset your alarm system

The word alarm has a couple different meanings. It can mean that you caused someone else to feel scared or surprised and it can describe a system that detects when someone tries to break into your home.

if the red light is on your system is probaly not active right now and is turned off.

It's type of valve used in fire water system for fire protaction.

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