Fire and Smoke Alarms

Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have become critical for personal safety and property protection at home, at work, while out to a show or any other indoor event. How do they work, which ones do you need, where should they be installed, what are the different components, technical details and standards are found here.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you say smoke detector in french?

un détecteur de fumée

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What is the penalty for pulling a fire alarm in Texas?

I got expelled from school and i was a straight A student, i got a ticket and probation

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Can fire alarm tests damage your hearing?

Yes, they can. A fire alarm reaches very high decibel levels, which vary between models. It's best to leave the building while a test is occurring, because a person is not meant to withstand that level of sound for an extended period of time without hearing protection. This is why it is required of landlords to notify tenants of a test 24 hours before the test occurs.

Just in case you miss a notice, or it happens while you are out shopping, at school, or at work: My advice is to buy a pair of ear plugs to wear if an alarm goes off where you are. Hearing loss IS preventable, and they won't take up much space in your car, purse, or whatever you carry with you.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What will you do when you hear a fire alarm in ships?

If there is a fire on board a ship, I would jump off the ship and tell others to do the same, to save myself and them.

Walk in an orderly fashion to the fire point, nearest to your cabin, then await further instructions from who ever is in charge.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

How often should you change smoke alarm batteries?

Batteries, if replaceable, should be changed at least once a year, if not twice. Your personal safety is worth a lot more than a few dollars in batteries. Also, consider changing them if you have been away for a few weeks, in case you happen to have "missed" the periodic "low battery" beeping while you were gone.

Every Friday you should press the button and check if your smoke alarm battery works, if it doesn't, you may need new batteries or a new smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms (and smoke detectors as part of other alarms) should be replaced every ten years, whether you think they need it or not.
Check your instructions. Some (mains-powered) use a backup battery that may need to be recharged/replaced at specific intervals.

Ours are all powered by 9-volt transistor radio batteries. I get the long-life Alkaline variety.

Be aware that *no* rechargeable battery is considered reliable for this application (relying *only* on its battery for operation with no mains connection).

We change ours every time we go into daylight saving (i.e. once a year).

The reality is that the battery will probably last longer, but for something that's going to save my life and the life of my wife and kids, a few bucks per year for a battery I can reuse in a radio is pretty cheap.

Yearly, date of own choice.
It depends on how your alarm really.

It strongly suggest that you check it reguly once-twice a week.

Then you know you are safe.
every year
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests replacing a 9 V alkaline battery in a smoke detector once a year, and to test it once a month. See the related link below for more information.
Every 12 months

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Why to use pnp transistor in fire alarm circuit?

You can use a PNP or an NPN transistor in a fire alarm circuit. Both will work. It all depends on how you want to energize the alarm, and with what polarity of signal.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

What kind of battery does a smoke detector take?

Most smoke detectors have a single 9 volt battery in them. It is the square type that snaps onto the circuit. You should replace them twice a year, one recommended timing is to swap them out when you change your clocks.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

How loud should a fire alarm be?

In the UK, the minimum sound pressure level is 60dB in all areas, 65dB in stairwells and escape routes and 75dB at the bed (head end) if persons are expected to sleep in the premises (eg care home, hotel, etc). It is not recommended that the alarm is made to sound as loudly as possible - more sounders at lower volumes are preferred to single sounders at max output.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you stop the alarm from going off by itself in a 98 Ford Expedition?

a common yet missed/overlooked reason for the alarm to false is to look under the hood and you should find a mercury light attached to the under side of the hood. if this light is misadjusted or your parking on a steep hill that will cause the alarm to go off after the engine cools

Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you make working model of fire alarm BY DIODE?

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Why does your smoke alarm start beeping when you use your treadmill?

The most likely reason your smoke alarm starts beeping when you are on the treadmill is it needs a new battery. It is a coincidence that you are on the treadmill when it is alerting you.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you operate a 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville 4.9 liter factory alarm system without the remote?

To enter a locked 1991 cadillac without a remote, simply use the key to unlock either front door lock. If all is working properly, the system will disarm. Arm /Disarm switches are integral with the front door lock cylinder and interior door lock switches. The system will automatically arm when using the inside electric door lock switch to lock all the doors.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you repair the automatic trunk closing system on a 1987 Cadillac Brougham Or is it just easier to install a manual type?








I have the same prob, changed the motor and no go. where can I get the wiring diagram for this closing motor

The wiring diagrams for these electronic details aren't included in the Haynes or Chilton manuals, but there are good diagrams and fault search test procedures for nearly all electric accessories of the Cad in Cadillac's own workshop manual. It is a thick book but very very good, and can still be found at eBay.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What is the penalty for pulling a public school fire alarm in new york state?

it depends on the school but probably it includes being suspended or expelled from school.

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Fire and Smoke Alarms

Smoke detector activates but no smoke or fire?

This may because specs of dust can cause activation of the detector as it has the same effect as smoke. Spiders also can crawl into the sensors which does the same thing- same way with deodrant, paintfumes etc. It also may be because the smoke detector is just faulty.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What are the limitation of fire alarm systems?

You need to be way more clearer with this question? What do you mean? What kind of building are we referring to (Commercial, Residential). And it also depends on the city/town you live/work in and what codes they enforce. Check with a local fire alarm company.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What is a good fire alarm forum site?

Fire and Smoke Alarms

How do you stop electric smoke alarms beeping?

Beeping could be caused by several things: an electronic error, a low battery, an expired sensor, nuisance smoke, or an actual fire.

NEVER ignore a beeping smoke alarm, or simply remove the batteries without installing new ones. Hundreds of people are killed each year because of disabled smoke alarms.

If there is an intermittent beep (e.g., every thirty seconds or minute), it may indicate a low battery or that the sensor is expired. If replacing the batteries does not make it stop, consider replacing the entire unit.

If nuisance smoke (or steam) sets off the smoke alarm (e.g., near a kitchen or bathroom), it should be removed and put into a different location, or replaced with a different type of sensor. False alarms have a tendency to cause people to ignore them, which can be deadly.

If there is an actual fire, the way to stop the beeping is to put the fire out (if you can do so safely) and then "air out" the room until the smoke dissipates. You should consider replacing a smoke detector if it has been involved in an actual fire, as it may be permanently contaminated and no longer as sensitive as necessary.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Difference of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems?

The difference between Conventional and Addressable systems is simple. Addressable systems provide exact detector location in the event of activation, and Conventional will only let you know the "zone" or string of detectors attached on a single circuit. In other words, you can either have a pin pointed location (1st Floor Room 101, Addressable) or a general direction (All first floor, Conventional).

Fire and Smoke Alarms

How smoke detector work in case of fire?

Smoke Detectors use things called LDR's or Light Dependent Resistors which lose resistance with an increase in natural light. So when there is a fire, smoke blocks out the natural light, alarming the smoke detector with an increase in resistance. Once the smoke is gone the resistance decreases and a current is allowed to flow to shut down the smoke detectors alarm. :)

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What is the function of thermistor in fire alarm?

A thermistor would be a part of the circuit made out of either silcon or geranium.

These are semi-conducting material and have limited electrons at room temp so it has a lot of resistance not allowing much electical current to the 'buzzy thing'. but when they are heated ( by smoke) more electrons become availble and its resistance drops a lot which will increase the eletrical energy for the 'buzz' in the fire alarm

Fire and Smoke Alarms

What is a fire alarm repeater panel?

It is a panel that could be situated in a control room or a security lodge that will mimic what the main panel does. Some times this is networked so that you can control the main panel from the repeater.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Can a fire alarm take pictures of you if you pull it?

No, it can't take a picture of you. But it can spray ink on you, that will mark you. And probably your fingerprints will be on the alarm.

Fire and Smoke Alarms

Why do you crawl close to the floor in a smoke filled room?

so u dont sufficate and burn ur lungs from breathing in the smoke. smoke and heat rises Smoke rises. Watch cigarette smoke for example. It always spirals upwards or sideways if caught in a draft. By crawling, you reduce the amount of dangerous, hazardous smoke you come in contact with and thereby maximize your chance to escape.
Because smoke is less dense than air, so it rises. By crawling you would limit the amount you inhaled.

Hope that helps!


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