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It is Spanish for "a little loving"

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What does hablo un poco espanol mean?

Hablo un poco -I talk a little.

What does un poco alargado mean in English?

'Un poco alargado' means: 'A little extended/lengthened.'

What does Un poco para ti mean?

A little for you.

What does 'Andante un poco adagio' mean?

Andante = at walking pace; Adagio = slow; un poco = a bit. Therefore, 'Andante un poco adagio' means 'at a somewhat slow walking pace'

How do you say Get Some in Spanish?

To "get some" in Spanish is: Coger mas; coger un poco; coger un poco mas; obtener mas; obtener un poco; obtener un poco mas.

What does un pocos mean?

Un poco = a bit / a little Unos pocos = a few

What veo saber espanol un poco mean?


What does todo un poco mean in spanish?

all a bit

What does Quemandome un poco mean?

Burning myself a bit

What does un poco loco mean?

It means crazy chicken.

When was Un Poco Loco created?

Un Poco Loco was created in 1951.

How do I say a little In Spanish?

a little = un poco

What does Pero sรณlo un poco mean?

It means "But only a little..."

What does un poco mean in spanish?

un pocos means little as in There was a little bit of rice in the pot

What does little silver mean in Spanish?

"A little silver" is "un poco plato".

What does un poco dias mas mean?

It means, a few more days.

What does tรบ sabes un poco espaรฑol mean?

It means "you speak a little Spanish".

What does me dio un poco de riza mean?

It means: It made me laugh a little.

When was Un poco de tu amor created?

Un poco de tu amor was created in 2005-07.

How do you say kinda know Spanish in Spanish?

Hablo español, un poco / algo.Hablo algo / un poco deespañol.Not used in Spanish:"Hablo un poco español" means "I speak a little Spanish"

What does the musical direction poco a poco mean?

Poco a poco means gradually.

What does Quiero un poco de su tiempo mean?

It means, "I want a little of your time."

How do say kinda in spanish?

"Un poco" = a bit/little/slightly (can also mean kind of)

What does apocode donde eres mean?

apocode (?) un poco de = a little of/from donde eres = where you are

Si pero un poco mi amigo Por que?

Creo que su hermosa, pero un poco loco