What does Una you possum mean?

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The latin term "Una We Possum", means "Together We Can"!!!!

Una We Possum = Together We Can
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What does eat more possum mean?

Oh my!!! YA DON'T KNOW. It means exactly what it says....EAT more possum.. Just like eat more chickin. Haven't ya ever heard of eatin possum???

Are possums mean?

No possums are a very nice animal, but the will keep you up all night because they are noctunal

What does una mean in English?

Una is one of the Spanish words for a (the other is un). For example: Bob comió una sandía. Bob ate a watermelon.

What does una mean?

Una is a name of Latin descent, typically for a girl. The literalmeaning for the name Una is "one".

What does unas mean in spanish?

It is the feminine form of the word "some" meaning a few. un - masculine noun when representing one thing (a) una - feminine noun when representing one thing unos - masculine noun when representing more than one thing (some, a few) unas - feminine noun when representing more than on ( Full Answer )

What does una mesa mean?

The words una mesa relate to Spanish language, where Una meanssingle or one, and mesa means table. Thus una mesa means one table.

What does una sola vez mean?

Don't know what una sola vez means, but it's quite close to "sola una vez" which is probably "only one time" or "one time only". My experience is that it's used in a forceful manner.

What does una granja mean?

"Una granja" are the Spanish words for "a grange" or "a farm". It is pronounced "OO-nah GRAHN-ha". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations

What does soy una vieja mean?

"soy una vieja" has different meanings in different countries soy una: I'm a and "vieja" in a strict way means "old woman", but in different slangs means "women", "wife", "mother", or its used in between weman to call another women. so depending on the context it could mean, "i'm a woman or ( Full Answer )

What does Una grande beso mean?

It could be translated as a couple of different things, but most commonly, it's probably "a great love."

What does it mean when a possum comes in to your house?

Seeking food, no need to panic, it will not hurt you, give them a way out and they will go. No need to kill it, calm down...ha. All they want is a way out, trap them in a large box or herd them with a broom or 2 to the nearest exit. They can be picked up by the tail but be careful and quick, hold th ( Full Answer )

What does the saying 'to play possum' mean?

The saying "playing possum" comes from the tendency of the American opossum (which is not a true possum) to fall into a deathlike stupor when threatened. An animal that "plays possum" actually goes into a state of physiological suspension whereupon it appears to be quite dead. This is a defence ( Full Answer )

What does a la una mean?

"A la una" is Spanish for "at one o'clock". It is pronounced "ah la OO-nah". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What does Una Vida Un Amor mean?

I myself would translate this as one life, one love. Google Translator translates it as love life.

What does una regla mean in English?

Regla means ruler. If someone is ruling over the country, you would say, "el regla el pais." (literally, he rules the country) Depending on the context, it could also mean having your menstrual period. If a woman said, "tengo my regla" (literally, i have my ruler) it probably means that she has her ( Full Answer )

What does una goma mean in English?

In school, they will teach you that it means Eraser (like the one on the end of a pencil), but it can also mean rubber or chewing gum.

What does una corde mean?

Unacorde is an Italian word that means "with the soft pedal depressed". The una corde pedal is the pedal on the far left of a piano that when depressed on a grand piano, shifts the entire action assembly to the right, causing only half of theoriginally struck strings on each note, except for the low ( Full Answer )

What does yo necesito una pluma mean?

I need a pen. Pluma means feather and pen. In some situations it means fountain pen. The correct word for ballpoint pen is bolígrafo.

What does una chinita mean in English?

It means a chinese looking girl its kind of slang. no one should feel offended by the name it is usually given to those that have asian eyes. hope i helped you chinita's out there. p.s i have been called one so i know what it means

Does una in Spanish mean an?

It can mean "a" or "an", depending on context. It can also mean "one" describing a feminine noun. Example: Tengo una manzana. "I have an apple". Tú tienes una mesa. "You have a table". Yo tengo una. (referring to the table) "I have one".

What does Eres una sabrosita mean?

if a guy is telling a girl then it means he thinks your hot the literal translation is your a delicious little one

What does tu eres una fresa mean?

It means, "You're a strawberry." It also means, "You're a rasp (or drill)." To be a 'fresa,' has a pejorative connotation related to being snobbish, pretentious, and at the same time, contemporarily 'hip.' You may want to check out the link, below. It's in Spanish, but it gives several examples of " ( Full Answer )

What does Salio una hermosa mean?

This can be interpreted as "A beautiful [woman/filly/table] came out." It can also be interpreted as, "She/it came out a beautiful [woman/filly/table]." Actually, it could be ANY beautiful feminine being, animal, or thing. (In Spanish, woman, filly, and table are all feminine.) As a question, it cou ( Full Answer )

What does es una puta sucia mean?

It means "(She) is a dirty whore/slut." It is very vulgar and should not be used in polite conversation.

What does y es una mean in spanish?

It can mean any of the following: "And you are one." "And she is one." "And it is one." The 'one' refers to a feminine noun or participial adjective not in evidence, and outside the limited context of the example.

What does una cosita mean in Japanese?

If una cosita means "a little something" then, a translation could be: 小さい何か (chiisai nanika) = little/small something, "una cosita" 小さいもの (chiisai mono) = small thing

What does una nueva mean in English?

'a new....' (relating to a feminine noun) e.g. 'una nueva vecina' = 'a new (female) neighbour' 'una nueva cocina' = 'a new kitchen'

What does una pueblo mean in spanish?

It is an incorrect way of saying "a town". If you want to be correct, it's un pueblo. It can also mean: people. population, village.

What does Tienes una hija mean?

Tienes una hija = You have a daughter (Informal) ¿Tienes una hija? = Do you have a daughter? (Informal) If you wanted to say it formally, you would do: Usted tiene una hija = You have a daughter (Formal) ¿Usted tiene una hija? = Do you have a daughter? (Formal)

What does unas and unos mean in English?

Unas and Unos can mean "ones", "only ones", "few" and "some" depending on the context of the sentence. Unas is feminine. Unos is masculine.

What does e una creazione mean?

"It is a creation." Know what else is cool? I did this one on my own, but Google Translator is pretty accurate and good for things like this. Italian for It is a creation. "E una creazione de Oscar De La Renta". It is an Oscar De La Renta creation or design.

What does per una mean in English?

"Per una" translates into English as "for one" from Italian. The use of "una" indicates that the noun is female, so it could be interpreted as reading "for one (woman)" or similar.

What is the meaning of the idiom playing possum?

This expression's meaning may be guessed from the words in it, so it is not an idiom. To play possum is to deceive an attacker by pretending to be dead or vanquished, as the possum proverbially does.

What does Le Traigo Una Servilleta mean?

It can mean a few different things: - I'm bringing you a napkin (using the "usted" form, which is aformal "you"). - I bring you a napkin (again using the "usted" form). - I'm bringing him a napkin. - I'm bringing her a napkin. In the last two, the indirect object (who would be receiving thenapkin) ( Full Answer )