What does Una you possum mean?

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The latin term "Una We Possum", means "Together We Can"!!!!

Una We Possum = Together We Can
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What does eat more possum mean?

Oh my!!! YA DON'T KNOW. It means exactly what it says....EAT more possum.. Just like eat more chickin. Haven't ya ever heard of eatin possum???

Are possums mean?

No possums are a very nice animal, but the will keep you up all night because they are noctunal

What does una mean?

Una is a name of Latin descent, typically for a girl. The literalmeaning for the name Una is "one".

What does it mean when a possum comes in to your house?

Seeking food, no need to panic, it will not hurt you, give them a way out and they will go. No need to kill it, calm down...ha. All they want is a way out, trap them in a larg

What does the saying 'to play possum' mean?

The saying "playing possum" comes from the tendency of the American opossum (which is not a true possum) to fall into a deathlike stupor when threatened. An animal that "p
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What is the meaning of the idiom playing possum?

This expression's meaning may be guessed from the words in it, so it is not an idiom. To play possum is to deceive an attacker by pretending to be dead or vanquished, as the p