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Q: What does Yakavos means in Greek?
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What does James mean in ancient Greek?

James. James is an English name, therefore it does not change spelling when written in another language. It goes for all names - if, for example, you had a Greek pen-pal, you would write their name the right way (the Greek way) even if your letter was in English.

What greek word means of the nose?

rhinoceros means of the nose in greek "I think"

What does telio mean in greek?

Teleios is a Greek word that means "to comlete".

Is Sophia Greek?

It is Greek and it means "wisdom".

What does eisai elinas mean?

It is Greek. It means are you Greek or of cource it also means you are greek. If you dont have a question mark. [ eisai= you are or are you, Ellinas= Greek (person)]

What is the meaning of the ancient Greek word diabolos?

It means "slanderer" or "accuser" in ancient greek. In modern greek it means "devil".

What does demo mean in greek?

The Greek word demos means people or public in english

What is the meaning of kallianos?

Kallianos Is a last name of Greek people and Kalli in Greek means good and anos in Greek means kallianos means goodyear.

How did the decagon get its name?

The prefix "deca-" in Greek means "ten" and the suffix "-gon" means "side" in Greek. Therefore, "decagon" literary means "ten side" in Greek.

The Greek word monk means what?

Monk comes from the Greek word, monakhos, which means "solitary."

The greek word eu means whereas pro means?

The greek word for eu means good and I think pro means before

What does darian mean in greek?

In Greek, it means "queenly"