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bad grammar, but 'I love myself.'


francis says:

I don't totally agree with the first answer cause she/he is assuming that the person wanted to say "yo me amo a mímismo", but that's not what it says.

so, even though, out of context is difficult to know exactly what it means, it could be coming out of a song or as an answer of a question.


wife: who is going to repair this?

husband: yo amor, yo mismo. = me love, I'll do it myself.

the exact translation of the words are:

I/me love (love not as a verb)

I/me myself/the same

hope my answer clarified your question

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"Yo Amo Yo Mismo" translates to "I love myself." It's an expression of self-love and acceptance.

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Q: What does Yo Amor Yo mismo Mean?
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What does y yo siento lo mismo mi amor mean?

"Y yo siento lo mismo mi amor" means "And I feel the same, my love" in English. It expresses a reciprocal feeling of love or affection between two people.

What does yo ocupado ahora mismo mean?

Yo ocubado ahora mismo" is an incomplete sentence that means "I busy/occupied right now."To say "I am busy right now" is "Yo estoy ocupado ahora mismo."

What does yo haria lo mismo amiga mean?

It means: "I would do the same, girlfriend"

What does yo tengo amor mean in English?

I have love

Myself in Spanish?

Yo mismo

How do you say MYSELF in spanish'?

It is "yo mismo"Example:I wrote it myselfYo mismo lo escribí

How do you say i will believe in myself in spanish?

Yo creo en mí mismo= I believe in myself I will believe in myself = Yo creere en mi mismo

What does cada dia yo hago casi lo mismo mean in English?

Translation: Everyday I practically do the same thing.

What does nada en absoluto soy con soltura yo mismo mean?

This phrase translates to "nothing at all, I am myself with ease" in English. It conveys a sense of being unapologetically authentic and comfortable with oneself.

What does Yo habla El idioma del amor mean?

I speak the language of loooove

What does yo mas mi amor mean?

"Yo mas mi amor" translates from Spanish to English as "me plus my love." It conveys a sense of combining oneself with one's love or partner.

What does yo amor soldadura pajas mean?

The individual words mean: yo - I amor - love (as a noun; as a verb, with 'yo', it would be 'amo' = 'I love') soldadura - soldering; welding, brazing; solder; correction or mending paja(s) - straw(s); blade(s) of grass; trash; chaff