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It means "Pleased to meet you" or "Please treat me kindly."

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How do you say please in japan?

Onegaishimasu. Yoroshiku.

How do you answer yoroshiku onegaishimasu?

You'll typically want to echo the sentiment, either by repeating 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu' yourself, or by saying 'kochira koso yoroshiku'. Less formally, you could say, 'kocchi koso'.

What does nice to meet you too in Japanese?

anata mo dozo yoroshiku / anata mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu

How do you formally introduce yourself in Japanese?

Hajimemashite. Watashi/Boku/ Atashi no namae WA [your name here] desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Translated: How do you do. My name is [your name here]. Nice to meet you. Ex.) Hajimemashite. Atashi no namae WA Ashurii desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Ex.) Hajimemashite. Boku no namae WA Matto desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Ex.) Ohayoo gozaimasu/Konnichi WA/Konban WA. Neisan desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. *Boku (Male ONLY), Atashi (Female ONLY), Watashi (General use). *Hajimemashite can only be used when first meeting someone and never after. It means, "How do you do?" [Lit. it means, "It is the first time."] *Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is formal. It means, "Nice to meet you." [Lit. it means, "Please take care of me." *If you don't want to use yoroshiku onegaishimase, shorten it to, "Doozo yoroshiku." This means, "I'm glad to meet you." This is only for peers and friends. *Instead of having "Watashi no namae WA ___ desu." you can shorten it to just your name + desu.

How do you introduce your self in Japanese?

The standard for a typical, polite introduction is as follows: "Hajimemashite. (Name) desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

What does onegaishimasu mean?

Onegaishimasu is Japanese for "Please?"

How do you say please take care of me in Japanese?

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu is literal of "please take care of me" said to say "Nice to meet you"

What is the phrase 'pleased to meet you' when translated from English to Japanese?

HajimemashiteorDomo (orDozo yoroshiku or Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ((Written by a different person than above)I was taught Yoroshuki o-negai shimasu.

What do the Japanese words yorosiku and onegaisimasu mean in English?

'Yoroshiku' is a grammatical form of 'yoroshii', which is polite form of 'good, pleasant, all right, acceptable, etc'. 'Onegai shimasu' is polite way of saying 'I ask of you, I request that you..., etc', mostly translated to 'please' in English. Putting the literal meanings together you can translate 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu' to something like 'please treat me well'.

What does Kippu wo ichimai onegaishimasu mean?

"Kippu wo ichimai onegaishimasu" is a Japanese phrase and in English it means "One ticket to ..., please."

What does yoroshiku mean?

Yoroshiku means 'I am in your debt' when someone helps u with something, and it also means 'I wish u well'.

What does mizu wo onegaishimasu mean in English?

It means "(Give me some) water please."

How do you say pleas in Japanese?

Among other ways, 'kudasai' and 'onegaishimasu' mean "please."

What does please mean in Japanese?

onegaishimasu kudasai dozo all are please just have different uses

What is the meaning of Japanese word yoroshiku onegaishimas?

"yoroshiku onegaishimas" means "nice to meet you".

How do you say can i have a cola please in Japanese?

"kora o kudasai" OR "kora o kudasai onegaishimasu". You don't pronounce the "u" on the end of "onegaishimasu".

How do you say more sake please in Japanese?

'Sake no okawari onegaishimasu'.

How do you say Hello my name is Jennifer in Japanese?

'hajimemashite. watashi ha jenifaa desu.' Alternatively, you can replace 'desu' with 'to iimasu' or 'to moushimasu.' When introducing yourself, where English speakers often use "Hello" to begin an introduction, Japanese uses another word: 'hajimemashite.' Introductions are fairly standardized, and follow this pattern. 'hajimemashite. watashi ha [your name] desu.' You can then conclude the introduction with 'yoroshiku onegaishimasu.'

How do you say please formal in Japanese?

onegaishimasu. お願いします。

How do you write Best Regards in Japanese?

よろしく Yoroshiku

What is the Japanese word for the English word please?

'Kudasai' and 'onegaishimasu' are both similar to the English word please.

How do you spell Pleased to meet you in Japanese?

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. <---- Which means 'Nice to meet you'

What is dลzo yoroshiku translated from Japanese to English?

There's no real definite translation, but can be generalized as "nice to meet you".

How do you say could I please have an orange in Japanese?

orenji wo tabette ii desuka for eat orenji hitotsu onegaishimasu if your asking to buy it

How do you say i would like some water in Japanese?

You may say "[o]mizu kudasai," or "[o]mizu onegaishimasu" among other ways.

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