What does Zeig mean in German?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Zeig is derived from the verb zeigenmeaning to show

Zeig' mir = show me

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Q: What does Zeig mean in German?
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What does pflaumen mean?

On the sentence "Zeig mir deine Pflaume" it means p*ssy I think. NEW ANSWER! Pflaumen in german means "plums" Hope i helped :)

What does the German word zieg mean in English?

I don't thing "zieg" is a German word. Do you possibly mean Ziegen (goats) or zeig (show)? Or perhaps Sieg(victory), which sounds to English-speaking ears as if it might be spelled with a Z?

When was Jeffrey K. Zeig born?

Jeffrey K. Zeig was born in 1947.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zeig dich - 1997?

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The cast of Zeig mir deine Welt - 2013 includes: Tom Auweiler as himself Verena Glatter as herself Ronja Nobbe as herself Kai Pflaume as Himself - Host Anna Ring as herself Ottavio Tavormina as himself Sebastian Urbanski as himself

What does the name ASHLEY mean in German?

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Do you mean elan? Then the word exists in German

What does woken mean in German?

Woken does not mean anything in German, the English word woken, means aufgewacht in German

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the word you mean is viele and it means 'lots' in german.

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