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I ran into a marking on a bracelet and it was stamped, "10K Mex". I tested that particular pracelet using the acid test and here are the results;

When a 14K and/or 18K and/or 22K acid is applied on a scratched sample using the testing stone (the ruselt) = The sample vanishes immedietely

When a 10K acid is applied on a scratched sample usig the testing stone (the ruselt) =The sample vanishes gradually leaving a trace of Gold.

Conclusion: The pracelet contains less than 41.7% gold and hence it is less than 10k. Any piece of jewelry which is less than 10K, its not considered Gold in the USA.

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Q: What does a 10K Mex on a bracelet means?
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What is a bracelet with 10k mex on it?

It means that the gold in the bracelet contains less than of a 10k caliber, hence it is not gold.

What does 10k OR on the clasp of a bracelet mean?

If jewelry is marked 10k only, It means it's 10karet gold. If it say 10k ge or hge, it means it is gold plated.


What dose GA01 mean in gold?

What does 417 gs on a gold bracelet mean?

it is 10K Gold...

What does 14K MEX on jewelry mean?

14K means 14 karat Gold MEX means it was made in Mexico

I have a bracelet and on the tag it says that the bracelt is 10k lire The chain has the JCM 10k mark on it Does that mean that the chain is gold and the lire coins are not or are they all gold?

If I read your question correctly the bracelet is made from Italian lire coins and the chain is 10K. If these are real Lire the coins they are not gold, but that they could be set in a 10K coin holder to hold them to the chain. Often when coins are used in jewelry they are placed inside a frame/holder. My guess is that what you have.

How much is a 10K gold bracelet worth at a pawn shop?

The amount a 10K gold bracelet will be worth at a pawn shop will vary. It will depend on what the current market price of gold is and how much of a percentage of that the pawn shop owner is willing to give you.

What does GMI means on 10k gold?

What do gmi on 10k gold

What does 417 MB on a gold bracelet mean?

The 417 marking means the item is 10K gold. There are 24 karats in pure gold. 10K gold is 41.7% or .417 pure (divide 10 by 24). Visit the link below to learn more about various gold markings and silver markings.

What does star 57 ar mean on a 10k gold ankle bracelet?

money I'm rich i'm chonk

I have a gold ring stamped 10 K F what does the F mean?

A gold ring that is stamped with 10 K F means that the ring is 10 karats. The F means that the ring is considered fine jewelry.

What does 10k ms mean on a ring?

10k means ten karat gold. I don't know what ms means.