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I don't mean to be disrespectful to you, but at your age it's called "puppy love" and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Just ask her to a movie and be sure you meet her parents and let your own parents know you are going to ask her out. You are rather young and it's possible either your parents or her parents would prefer to drop both of you off at the movie theater and then pick you up later.

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What do you say when asking out a girl?

"Will you be my girlfriend"

What should you say to a girl for asking him for friendship?

say yes

How do you find out when a girl hate you but she say she not?

keep asking her

Will Princeton from mindless behavior go out with a 12yearold?

he may

Im asking a girl out what should you say?

just say do you want to be my girl friend and if she says no their will be more girls

What to say when asking a girl out?

I like you a lot I was wondering if you will go out with me.

What to say when asking a girl out in middle school?

will you dance with i love you

What do you do if a girl sends you a note asking you out?

If you like her too, SAY YES!

When asking a girl out should you say i love you or something else?

It is best not to say I love you right there out in front when asking her out because you never know if she has the same feelings or any feelings for you at all. Its just best to say when asking out a girl things like "I really like you" or "I think your really pretty" or just say that you like the way she is. =)

What to say when a girl ask why do you love her?

Tell her that's like asking why you breath.

How do you deal with the risk of rejection when asking a girl out?

"The worst she can say is no." Is a great way to think about it.

Is it correct to say 'how is she girl?

It is possible that this is correct it depends on the context. For example if you were the person asking the question and you are taking to a girl and you are asking about another female. eg you: Have you seen your mother today? girl: Yes you How is she girl?

How do you tell if a girl has a boyfriend without asking her?

You cant. Ask her, she might say no and yes to a date!

When a guy say he support girl even you're asking for break up what does it mean?

no trust

This girl keeps asking you if she's pretty and i say she's beautiful then she asks what about her is beautiful what should you say?

You should tell her everything.

Would your girlfriend will say yes?

MAybe if you ask her a question! your asking and im not a girl im a computer if i were a girl i would be sexy

This girl stopped talking to you and you don't know what you did?

try asking her what you did and say hey why dont you talk to me anymore

How do you turn into a girl mermaid?

Mermaids are fictional creatures. They do not exist in reality. If you are asking how you turn into a girl mermaid in a game, please say so in your question.

What will happen if the girl say she likes him but don't?

He will plan on asking her out, she will turn him down, admit the truth, then become the lying person or the girl that messes around

CAN A GIRL for her looks?

What are you asking? Can a girl 'do what' for her looks?

Who is the girl of the year of 2015?

If you are asking about American girl well I don't know yet but it will say it on TV in 2015 or maybe even in December. You have to vote the girl you like to win by the way.

What do you do if people keep asking you if you are going out with a girl you are just best friends with?

You say no or yes If she is then say yes if not just tell them that they need to mind there business!

What is a good idea for asking a girl to prom?

Go up to her and ask her but say it in a different language (like French)

What EXACTLY should you say when asking a girl to prom?

Hey guess what, I got good new for you. You can go to the prom with me!

How do you make conversation with a girl you like?

All you have to do is go up to the girl and say hi, then from there start asking questions about her. If she seems interested keep talking to her everyday.