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Like any other auto batttery. Side post or top post.

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CLEANING the PCM on a 1999 Plymouth breeze?

Like this,,,,,,, Don't do it.

What is a battery heat regulator for a 1996 Plymouth Neon?

I'm guessing you're referring to the temp sensor for the battery. It is on the front of the battery tray. It looks like a small plastic bulb with a wire running from the bottom of it.

What does a fuel cutoff reset button look like on 97 breeze?

A Plymouth Breeze does not have a reset button. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

What does the transmission on a 1997 Plymouth breeze look like and where is it located?

It is under the air filter and right beside the battery on the drivers side. If you pop the hood, and look down behind of driver side headlight, you will see it

What should you do if the horn on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze will not shut off?

AnswerI had this problem on my '98 Plymouth Breeze. You can pull the fuse/relay and it will stop the horn but the problem is a short located on the airbag/horn button on the steering column. The airbag has plastic washers that wear out over time and allows the short to occur. The fix is to disconnect the battery, pull the airbag off and replace the plastic washers. BE VERY CAREFUL SINCE AN AIRBAG IS LIKE A MINI EXPLOSIVE DEVICE.

Why do we like sea breeze but are afraid of a cyclone?

We like sea breeze but afraid of cyclone because sea breeze is a cool wind cyclone is a huge revoling storm

What simile is the warm breeze?

Warm breeze is not a simile, warm is an adjective for the breeze A simile would be like, the breeze was as warm as the sun.

What is a simile for the cool breeze?

The simile for a cool breeze is like having water run down your face

What are the signs of a rear main seal leak in Plymouth breeze?

I imagine it would leak oil like crazy between where the engine and transmission come together... good luck!!

How do you change a heater core on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?

Pull the lower cover off the interior passenger footwell. look for a rectangular case about the size of a bible. There should be some cover over it. Remove the cover and the heater core is like a cartridge, it pulls out. You must drain water before attempting this.

What kind of gas mileage does a 1999 Plymouth breeze get?

Approx 300 miles in Highway and like 260 on city depending on the circumstances per tank or 19 to 17 mph respectively.

What rhymes with I like to feel the breeze up high in the trees?

I like to feel the breeze up high in the trees...May the leaves from the breeze fall as they please.

What is land brezze?

Land breeze is just like sea breeze, but land breeze is created during the night. Its cooler.

What is wrong when battery charged but wont start and no power comes on with a 1996 ford ranger xlt?

Sounds like either loose or corroded battery terminal or bad fuseable like

What could be the problem with a 1999 Plymouth Breeze if when turn the key the engine doesn't start it just makes a clicking sound like the sound a gas grill makes when trying to light?

sounds very much like a dead/weak battery, if the dash lights/dome light/radio/etc dim out when you try the key that's likely it. My lights turn on fine, put in a good battery and still have the same problem, any idea what the problem could be? Answer Starter (solenoid) You should check your battery connections. Make sure there tight

Why does my 1997 Plymouth voyager not start. When the key is in the ignition I turn the key over to the start position and there sounds like there is no power.?

Corroded battery post connections, defective battery, or defective starter.Corroded battery post connections, defective battery, or defective starter.

What is a simile for a cool breeze?

a cool breeze blew across my face like a doves kiss

What does the exclamation point in a circle with parenthesis around it mean on a 1999 Plymouth Breeze?

Brake warning light (Canadian) in US there is supposed to be "BRAKE" overlaid on the international symbol. Looks like a brake drum with shoes.

My 98 Plymouth breeze won't start. Will make sound like it is going to crank but wont?

Check the engine ground before replacing parts. I have a 97 Plymouth Breeze that would not turn over, but the lights and radio worked. After replacing 4 parts (starter/solenoid, ignition switch, crank case sensor and safety switch), it turned out that the engine was not grounded properly. Once the ground was reattached correctly, car started.

Your 97 Plymouth breeze is smoking and smells like burnt rubber and its coming from under the hood?

Sounds like the belt is slipping and getting hot and/or burning on a stuck bearing. Do not delay to check it or have it checked out - you don't want to lose the belt at an unappropriate time.

1999 Plymouth breeze stop running at a light and it will not turn back over but you still have power what could be wrong?

My 96 Breeze did the same thing. Sometimes it would start again, other times it didn't. I took it to the dealer (after an independent shop said "you need a new engine") and it turned out to be the cam sensor. It has run like a champ ever since.

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