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Q: What does a Cherokee shelter look like?
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What did a Chippewa shelter look like?

what do the Chippewa's shelter look like

What did a Chickasaw shelter look like?

yes Chickasaw shelter

What did the Cherokee houses look like?

they look like mud houses

How do Italy's shelter look like?

They look like unicorns. And Rainbows

What does a tarantula shelter look like?

like a cave.

What does a wolf's shelter look like?


How does the Cherokee get there food shelter and clothing?


What does a Cherokee summer home look like?

I'd bet it would have Cherokee things.

What did Cherokee tribes weapons look like?

Cherokee tribes weapons looked awesome!

What does the land the Cherokee lived on look like?


What did a homo habilis shelter look like?

from branches

Where did the Cherokee find shelter?

They found shelter in caves or they built tepee's out of animal pelts.

The Cherokee family life what is it?

Children, shelter, and food.

What do the Cherokee tribe use as a shelter?

they had a house for meetings

What did the Cherokee Indians houses look like?

in the summer they look like a log cabin and in the winter they look like a cow Paddie.

What does a dogs shelter look like?

A dog shelter is a place where homeless dogs are located and how does it look like?It is a lot of cages and most likely filled with alot of dogs!!!

What did Lewis and clark's shelter look like?

A dog house.

What does an eagles shelter look like?

an eagle shelter looks like a huge nest. eagles build their home on high trees.

What does a Cherokee winter home look like?

It looks like an upside down basket

What does a shelter of a deer look like?

Deer like to have their young in little hiding places

What does petsmarts dogs look like?

there isn't a certain look, these dogs are mostly rescued or from a shelter

What is the color code for a 1989 Jeep Cherokee stereo?

where do I find the color code for a 1989 jeep Cherokee and what does it look like

What type of shelter and provisions did the government provide for the Cherokee?

castles and all that

What does a Cherokee feather look like?

Cherokee's did not have feathers; only birds have feathers. Cherokee's collected bird feathers so any feathers they had looked like the same bird feathers you see today.

Is sam Bradford hawaiian?

no. does he look like a pineapple to you? he's Cherokee Indian.