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Is the one that is being sued for a reason.

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Who were the plaintif and the defendant?

who were the plaintif and the defendant

What is consol defendant?

consolidated defendant

Who is a defendant?

A defendant is a person who is being tried.

What is a defendant?

The defendant is the person who is being sued in a lawsuit.

Who is the defendant?

The defendant - is the person accused of a crime in a trial.

Who beside a defendant can answer a summons and complaint?

Person representing the defendant.

What could be a sentence with the word defendant?

the defendant pleads guilty

What is the prefix of defendant?

what is the prfix of the word defendant

What is a defendant and when does a suspect become a defendant?

A defendant is a person whom a legal action is brought, a warrant is issued, or an indictment is found. A suspect becomes a defendant after charges have been filed against him/her.

What does judgment for defendant mean?

"Judgment for Defendant" means that the defendant wins the case. In a criminal case, a judgment for defendant would be a "not guilty" verdict (usually). In a civil case, it would usually mean that the defendant does not have to pay money to the person who sued him or her (known as the "plaintiff").

Which pleading is filed by the defendant in a law suit?

The defendant files an Answer to the Complaint. In the Answer, defendant responds to each allegation of the complaint, one by one, stating whether the defendant admits, denies or leaves plaintiff to his proofs as to each individual allegation. Also, a defendant might file a counter-claim, if defendant has an affirmative claim against plaintiff. A defendant might also file a cross-claim if defendant believes that some other person is responsible for plaintiff's damages.

Can a non Defendant or attorney not representing the Defendant answer a complaint?

No one not authorized by the defense may address the court either about, or on the behalf of, the defendant.

What is the meaning of Fabre Defendants?

A defendant that is not part of the suit but still can be blamed. The named defendant can use a fabre defendant to reduce its liability.

Who were the plaintiff and defendant for the Microsoft court case with Novell?

Who were the plaintifif and the defendant?

What is a cross defendant?

The Defendant in a cross claim by Vineetha Susan Thomas

When a patient initiates a legal suit is the patient the accuser or defendant?


The party who brings a case against a defendant is called what?


Who is the defendant when named in a lawsuit?

The person who is accused of the crime is known as the defendant.

What happens if a criminal defendant dies with charges pending?

No defendant no charges. It is done.

Where a defendant is mistaken the defendant should be excused from criminal liability?

Pretty much no.

What part of speech is the word defendant?

The word defendant is a noun. The plural is defendants.

Can a defendant cancel a deposition?

Whether or not a defendant can cancel a deposition depends on whether it is a defense deposition. If it is the other side, the defendant cannot cancel a deposition.

When is a defendant is punished?

A defendant is punished after the jury has listened to the evidence during a trial, and decides whether or not the defendant is guilty.Added: After the jury delivers its decision the defendant will be sentenced by the judge according to the applicable law - then - the defendant's "punishment" will commence.

Is defendant and respondent the same?

A defendant is the party being sued in a civil or criminal lawsuit. In some types of cases, such as that of divorce, a defendant is also called a respondent.

What is the plural possessive of defendant?

The plural of defendant is defendants. The plural possessive of defendants is defendants'

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