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a frilled dogwinle eats you! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha(:

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What do frilled sharks eat?

frilled sharks eat poo and deadly gasses

What eats frilled lizard?

animals that are alive eat frilled lizards :)

What does the frilled lizard eat?


What does frilled lizards eat?


Do people eat frilled lizards?


What can eat the frilled neck lizard?

frilled neck lizards eat mainly arthropods. they also eat other smaller insects. eat spiders cicadas, termites, grasshoppers

What does a Frilled Lizard eat?

the frilled lizard eats all of the same things of the normal lizard

Can frilled lizards eat salamanders?

Yes they can eat salamanders

What is the niche of the frilled lizard?

it is to eat underwear

Are frilled lizards carnivors?

Frilled lizards are omnivores, they eat mainly insects but will also consume fruits and vegetables.

How a frilled lizard survives?

They eat food and protect themselves. =)

Do frilled lizards migrate?

yes they do but what do wild lizzards eat

Can you eat a prehistoric frilled shark?

Yes, its very good

What eats the frilled shark?

Frilled sharks have no predators. Humans do accidentally catch them very rarely, but when they do they are always dead, and even then they don't eat them anyway because frilled sharks aren't good food.

What does a frilled shark eat?

The frilled shark eats other fish, sharks and humans as well so be really careful when you see a frilled shark in the water.*_* Beware when you de said to get to capture it.GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.*_*

What does frilled necked lizard eat?

Frilled dragons have are mostly insectivorous. Their diet should consist of crickets, mealworms, superworms and other feeder insects. Some frilled lizards will accept small amounts of greens and certain fruits.

When do frilled lizards eat daily or weekly?

mostly insects such as meal worms

What does the frilled shark eat?

squid is the main source of food, although cephalopods, catfish, bony fishes and smaller sharks have been found in the stomachs of frilled sharks

What are the preys of a frilled shark?

The long jaws of the frilled shark are highly extendable with an extremely wide gape, allowing it to swallow whole prey over half its size. However, the frilled shark can not deliver a strong bite. Frilled sharks eat cephalopods (such as molluscs), osteichthyes (also known as bony fishes), and smaller sharks. The many needle-like teeth of the frilled shark are suited for ripping soft-bodied squid.

Where is frilled lizard?

Most frilled lizards are in Australia.

How many gills does a frilled shark have?

A frilled has 6 gills

What are some frilled neck lizard adaptations?

frilled neck

What biome does the frilled neck lizard live in?

Frilled-neck lizards also known as frilled lizards or frilled dragons live in forest biomes in northern Australia but the forests have to be hot

Frilled sharks habitat facts for kids?

the answer to the question "are frilled sharks dangerous to humans" is NO frilled sharks aren't dangerous to humans

Why wont your frilled dragon eat?

The MAIN culprit - is temperature ! If the enclosure isn't warm enough, the reptile cannot digest its food. In which case it will not eat.

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