What does a PS2 memory card do?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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it saves the memory on the ps2

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Q: What does a PS2 memory card do?
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How much will a pawnshop give you for a PS2 and a PS2 memory card?

Ps2 is $25.000 while memory card is 56dollars

Does a PS2 game save on a PS2 console without the memory card?

No, you must have a memory card that is compatible with the PS2 to save any kind of memory.

Can you save ps1 games to a ps2 memory card?

No, but if you have one you can plug a PS1 memory card into a PS2 and save it on that

Can I use my memory card for my PS2 on the PS3?

Yes, the memory card for the PS2 can indeed be used in the PS3 also.

Does a 60gb PS3 have a memory card slot for ps2?

You create a memory card in your harddrive for PS1 or PS2 games

Does a PS2 memory card work in a PS3?

no there is no slot to put the memory card

Will a PS2 memory card of japan will work on PS2 of china?

it depends if its a memory card by sony it will work on any ps2 console but if its not by sony it wont work if your memory card is by sony it will say it on the front to sony memory cards is just data

Will a ps2 recognize a PS1 memory card?

I do believe that a PlayStation 2 will recognize a PlayStation 1 memory card. I use a ps1 memory card in my ps2 might it might vary from the different memory card brands.

Can i use your nokia 5233 as memory card for ps2?

no you must buy the PS2 memory cards

How do you copy Data from one PS2 Memory Card to another PS2 memory card?

First, enter to the memory card that have the file, then select the data (press "x") and put copy. Later select the another memory card and you do it!!

Can you use a usb hard drive as a memory card in ps2?

No you need the memory card

How do you save in Sonic the Hedgehogs for ps2?

You need a memory card for your ps2