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Here is a link to a picture:

I think it is pretty cool, use your tablet PC instead of your PC.

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How tablet PC differs from normal PC?

A tablet PC usually does not have a keyboard and is fully touchscreen, like the iPad. Sometimes, we may not be able to play the same games of a PC on a tablet PC because of the loss of keyboard

Advantage of a PC tablet?

A PC tablet is easy to use and is portable. People like to use these when they travel and work.

What s the purpose of the tablet PC?

the tablet pc is more portible then an average pc

What is the smallest PC that Samsung makes?

The smallest PC that Samsung has made belongs to their Ultra-Mobile PC line, the Q1. The Q1 PC's size makes it look more like a large tablet than a PC.

What are the advantages of using a tablet pc?

A tablet personal computer (Tablet PC) is tablet computer having the main characteristics of a personal computer in the tradition of the Microsoft Tablet PC, as a machine operated by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. A typical tablet PC is a laptop computer, equipped with a rotateable touchscreen as an additional input device, and running a standard (or lightly adapted) PC operating system like Windows or Linux.

When you have the keyboard of a tablet PC folded underneath the monitor which mode is the PC in?


What is a good PC tablet computer?

A good pc tablet computer is the Asus R1F. This pc tablet generally bodes well on weight, screen size, and performance. This pc tablet also has swappable optical drives.

What are the competitive brands of tablet PC?

Google Android OS and Tablet PC vs Apple Competitive are the competitive brands of tablet PC. Those two are competing in which tablet is better as well.

What is a PC tablet?

Tablet PC: Tablet Personal Computer, is a tablet form laptop. It has a touch screen (also known as the tablet technology) allows the user to a stylus or digital pen instead of operating on a traditional keyboard or mouse. Tablet PC is running a Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system (which is a superset of Windows XP Professional) is a powerful PC.

What is better a drawing tablet or a tablet PC?

I think a drawing tablet because a tablet PC is harder and take longer to type anything at all

How can you repair a tablet PC speaker?

you cant repair the speaker without destroying the tablet PC

How do you upload music from CD to tablet?

You can't do it directly, you must download the CD to your PC then sync your tablet to the PC and get it copied over onto your tablet.

What was the first computer tablet made?

it was the microsoft tablet PC

Are handheld PC and tablet thesame?

A Handheld PC like a PDA or smartphone could be considered the same as a tablet (at least when looking at current technology). However, I wouldn't go to an electronics store, ask for what people call a tablet and expect to get a smartphone.

What is the size of the tablet pc?

This tablet pc has the following specs: Width 9 in, Depth 4.9 in, and a Height of 1.1 in.

What's the difference between a tablet pc and ipad?

The main difference between the tablet PC and the ipad is in the OS or operating system. Try out a PC computer and a mac, and see which interface you prefer. If you like the mac, go with the ipad, and vice versa.

How a kid will use tablet PC?

a kid will basically use a tablet PC to play games, but if eldsers take initiative and esduacatre tgh e kisd about the various uses of tablet pc then it'l be great

Does the apple tablet pc have a long battery life?

"Yes the apple tablet pc has a battery life of ten hours. In comparison to other similar products, the apple tablet pc is absolutely an exceptional product."

What type of Tablet PC did Kay Panabacker use in the movie 'Read It and Weep'?

It was a gateway cx210 tablet pc

Where can I buy a good quality pc tablet?

There are many places where you can get a good pc tablet. Best Buy is a great store to check out since it has many knowledgeable employees who can help you select a better quality pc tablet.

Inventor of the PC tablet?


Can you get 100 floors on nook tablet?

It doesn't look like it's available on the nook tablet at this time.

What are examples of tablet PCs?

A tablet PC is a touch-screen portable computer!

Whats the best tablet PC?

I would say a hp pavilion tablet c which is cheep and good for the money, or the lenovo thinkPad X60 tablet PC. These are the best and most popular

Can you use a 12000 mA h battery pack for a tablet PC?

Yes you can you use a 12000 mAH battery pack for a tablet PC. As a matter of fact, this is considered to be a high capacity battery that will keep your tablet PC in use longer.