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What does a bichpoo eat?


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A Bichpoo is Bichon Frise /poodle hybrid canine.

You would feed it the same as any other pet dog.

The appearance of the Bich-Poo can vary. The two most characteristic features of the breed are its coat and ears. The coat is curly and has a fluffy look to it. The coat is a variety of colors. The ears are long and hang loosely past the chin. The eyes stand out on the face. The nose is large and black. The breed has a small frame, but is muscular. The tail is long and fluffy and hangs low.

Being a cross between a Poodle and a Bichon Frise, the Bich-Poo is good-natured and high-spirited. It is also intelligent and responds well to training. The good news about the Bich-Poo is that it is easily housebroken. The friendly nature of the Bich-Poo extends not only to its family, but also to welcome guests. It has a protective nature. Will effectively guard its owner's property; not to the point of attacking an intruder, but will bark to notify an intruder's presence. The Bich-Poo is suitable in a household with children and other household pets. It will adapt if placed in a home with existing children, but raising it with them is the ideal situation.