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It sometimes has a blue glassy look to it!

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what dose a blind frog look like because I found a frog with one red eye

Usually the center looks opaque.

no, that is just an eye color

The way the horses face is clipped can cause the eye to look a little bigger. Also using vaseline or baby oil around the eye helps.

they are just born like that nothing really causes it. it just means they are colour blind in that eye so it isn't a serious health issue

No, because i have looked in a horses eye and it didn't do anything to me so you don't have to worry about anything when you look into a horses eye. No worries!

The eye patch which makes the horse to look straight can be called as "BLINKERS".

The blind spot is just what it sounds like.. a blind spot in the eye. it is only there when you don't focus on it and it changes spots because you use both eyes to see.

Usually pups will have a bit of a blue haze over their eyes so don't mistake this for blindness. If a dog is blind then the eye can be white in appearance or even have a blue tinge to it (like a cataract.)

what part of your eye makes you go blind

The mini can be trained just like a seeing eye dog. I have seen thses mini's and they do a wonderful job helping their people see again through their eyes.

The blind spot is where the optic nerve connects to the eye.

If you want to look someone in the eye that you like you could

well, to the untrained horseman's eye, a regular horse, to the trained one, a beautiful, well built worker and competitor.

No she's not blind. She just wears a lot of makeup. And glasses. No she isn't blind.She is not blind. By accenturing one eye she refers to the Masonic "All-Seeing Eye".

if the beta has a white spot in his eye like a "blur".

blind in one eye and that one is lazy

Blind spots in your eye are due to the area of which your optic nerve leaves the eye, this causes the apparent blind spot. Luckily they are not noticeable because it is located at the edge of our visual field, and the other eye covers for the blind spot of the opposing eye.

It really depends on the individual horse. Some never adjust while others seem not to notice much at all. I have been to horse shows and have competed against one-eyed horses. And horses that have lost all sight can live long, happy lives if kept in a small enclosure. Many owners of blind horses will put a companion horse with the blind one as a 'seeing-eye horse.

The third eye references the mind, or our sense of self. It goes a bit deeper, however, and the third eye is actually our conscious self that few people actually "look" out of. Third eye blind is then the inability for people to perceive reality consciously, in the moment.

no it is an eye for an eye makes the world blind or do you mean what dies that mean well you should of been more clearly