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like this

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What does a yellow jacket hole look like?

Like a yellow jacket hole.

What did a union army uniform look like?

The Union armys uniforms were blue.

How does look US army service uniform jacket worn open?

Something about this.

Will a blue jean jacket go with a dress?

yes a blue jean jacket will look great with a sundress, but not a formal dress. It basically depends on what you are wearing. Blue Jean jackets look great with blue jeans, casual dresses, anything but black pants or skirts. :)

Can you wear jeans with a navy blue jacket?

Yes.. Would look good

What do the blue poison dart look like?

they look blue and dart like!

What do blue birds look like?

Well...they are blue...and they look like a typical bird. What about a female. They are not blue?

What insect does a syphrid fly look like?

A yellow jacket

What do blue snails look like?

blue snails look like snails but the slimy bit of the snail is blue

What does thalia grace look like?

She has short, spiky black hair and stormy blue eyes lined with black eyeliner. She wears a leather jacket and looks punkish

What does Chris Brown jacket look like?

its black and red and it has a c on it

Where can an American Football Jacket like high school jocks usually wear?

you can now find them in New Look in the Birmingham Bullring they sell blue and white ones for girl teenagers.

How does a blue whale look like?

It is Blue and Wrinkly

What does a blue hen chicken look like?

It is blue

What does blue topaz look like?

it is a blue stone

What does a blue blackbird look like?

Blue and Black

What do scrub Jays look like?

scrub jays look like a pale blue. similar to a blue jay.

What does the blue crab look like?

the blue crab looks blue

How do marine turtles look like?

they look like a turtle but blue

What do blue fingernails look like?

Blue fingernails should look fungi infection

Will a blue jean jacket look good with blue jeans?

its good but in my opionon i wouldn't because i dont like dinem but if you want to you can :) sometimes jeans on jeans doesn't look good but if you think it looks nice then go ahead and don't think about what others think about :) show your true colours :)

What does blue fish look like?

a blue fish looks like a fish that is the color blue STUPID

What did Clothing look like on the Oregon trail?

They wore overalls with a short jacket over it.

What does a road runner bird look like?

blue blue blue and white

What does the blue penguin look like?

blue trust me its nice