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Q: What does a browser prevent people from being able to hack into?
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There are a few things that could prevent someone being able to get a tattoo. One of the most common reasons is if someone is drunk, they cannot sign the consent form.

Why would Internet Explorer not be able to display a webpage?

- No internet access - Browser engine being too old - Browser lacking/old addons - Site is off/link is broken

Which browser does the Kindle use?

They use the webkit browser,which is able to run at maximately 5mbps.

When are we answerable for other people's sin?

When you are able to prevent the person from the sin and do not do so.

What is the parts of an internet browser?

An internet browser is a very important part of a network. A browser should be able to fetch the data to the fullest.

How are people able to overcome social anxiety?

Social anxiety is a condition where people feel anxious or nervous in social situations. It can prevent people from being able to go out in public and interact with others.

What is the primary goal of a DoS attack?

to prevent the target server from being able to handle additional requests

What is difference between browser and website?

A browser a "program" that you use to view websites.....without the web browser you would not be able to view websites on the Internet

What is web browser and its importance?

You need a web browser in order to access the internet. If you didn't have a web browser, you wouldn't be able to go onto the internet.

What can prevent someone from being able to register a gun?

Most U.S. states don't require any type of registration, however, being a felon is probably the most common reason for not being able to legally own a gun.

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PIN is your secret code to you card, it is needed to prevent other people from using when it's lost. Think this: If you had no PIN to your card and you lost, other people will be able to use it. So it protects your card from being used.