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What does a bulb in a light convert electric energy into?


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Radiant (light) energy.


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To convert electric energy into light energy

Zero,because the distance has no affect to convert electric energy into light energy.

Light bulb, generator, heater, electric stove, air conditioner

You can convert it to heat in a resistance element, to light in a light bulb, or to movement in an electric motor.

Mechanic energy is converted in to light bulb , in bulb the electric energy converted into heat and light

A light bulb can make heat and light.

Electrical energy can be conveted into either: heat energy in an electric heater, light energy in a light bulb.

The job of a bulb is to convert electrical energy into light energy, a by product is heat energy.

In an electric bulb, The electrical energy is changed in to light energy. How this happens? This is beyond the scope of the question!

The function of a light bulb in an electric circuit is that it turns electrical energy into light.

Light bulb and tubelight are able to convert electrical energy into light energy.

One method which this could happen is you have mechanical energy, lets say you riding a bike, and attach a turbine to it which converts your mechanical energy into electrical energy. You then plug a light bulb into that, and the electric energy is converted into light.

Bulbs convert an electrical energy to produce light

Lightbulbs convert energy to light. This conversion is inefficient, meaning that not all of the energy will convert to light because of the design of the bulb and the laws of physics. The energy that does not become light is released as heat, and that's why a light bulb gets hot.

No a light bulb does not use chemical energy. Even though it uses the chemical mercury to create light. Hope this helps =)

Electric Energy can be converted into many different forms of energy. The most common type of energy electricity is converted into is light energy - as with a light bulb. Another form of energy electricity can be converted into would be kinetic (motion) energy.

Electrical energy is converted into light and heat when electric current flows through the metal filament of a light bulb.

That is a light bulb, or any filament such as the one in a radiant electric fire.

Yes. The electromagnetic energy comes out of it in the form of light and heat.

An electric light bulb converts electrical energy into thermal energy which is in the form of radiated light and heat. For example, the " easy bake oven" uses a light bulb to cook the food.

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