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A cat has for legs, and four paws!

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How old is a cat in human age when the cat thirty-four?

lol...234 years old

If a cat is 36 in cat years what age is he in human?

The cat is four years old.

These footprints have only four toes your cat has four toes These footprints must belong to your cat?

inductive reasoning

Can a cat have a litter of four kittens?

Yes. My cat had four kittens. please check out my message board. Thanks, horseluver11

How many legs do cat have?


What is an arti cat?

It is a four wheeler.

How lany legs does a cat has?


How many canines does a cat have?


How many feet in cat?


Is a lynx a wild cat?

Yes, the lynx is a wild cat. There are four species.

Are bobcats the smallest wild cat?

No, the Fishing cat is about four inches shorter.

If your cat had four kittens yesterday will she have more?

No, because it already had four

How old is a four year old cat in cat years?

It is NOT the same as dog years. Your cat would be 33.

How many legs do a cat got?


What supports a cat?

It's four legs.

Which animal has four legs and meows?

A cat .

Is your cat cured from only four fleas?


What does qaudrupedal mean?

Quadrupedal means moving on four feet, as a dog, cat, cow etc.Quadrupedal means moving on four feet, as a dog, cat, cow etc.

What is the best estimate for the weight of a cat in kilograms four kilograms forty kilograms four hundred kilograms or four thousand kilograms?

"Kilogram" is not a unit of weight. It's reasonable to expect that a cat might have a mass of four kilograms.

What is the complete classification of a grey tabby cat?

all tabby cat has an ''m'' on their four heads.

How long does it take for a cat to have all its kittens?

It takes about three to four months for a cat to have kittens.

What is tha cat?

A cat is a four legged animal that has ears on top of its head and and wiskers and meows.

How many legs does a cat have-?

A normal cat always have four(4) legs, and one tail.

How i do you find all four treasures on haunted house island on poptropicacom?

Find the cat, then find the four treasures then the cat will guide threw the death path.

How do you spell four in French?

Four is spelled "quatre" in French.Quatre. (Pronounced "cat")