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Cavity backs don't affect your swing. They make the club more forgiving with any swing by placing the weight around the perimeter of the club. This increases the clubs moment of inertia, and makes it less apt to torque when struck off center. Some pros use them, some use a variation on the theme, and some use the "flat-backed" irons. Phil Marrone, PGA

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Q: What does a cavity back do for your golf swing and do the pros use it?
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I think the avreage is 85-90 with pros being in the 115-120 range.

How much do golf pros make?

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Do golf pros carry balls in their pockets?

Generally, they do not carry golf balls in their pockets.

Do most people lie about golf scores?

No, not the pros, but when you are out for a round of golf with your buddies, of course so.

What is a banana ball in golf?

The outside-in swing impacts the golf ball right of center instead of flush on the back of the ball. The resultant spin turns the ball clockwise in the air, causing it to "slice" to the right, also known as a "banana ball." At Over the Top Golf, we compensate for this outside-in swing with five set-up changes that automatically squares the clubface, provides proper weight transfer which results in a straight shot, even with the outside-in swing. There are numerous web sites as well as PGA teaching pros who advertise that they can fix, cure or correct an outside-in swing but success among amateurs is rare, unless much practice is involved. There are only three avenues of relief, one is to commit to periodic lessons and constant practice, two is to take advantage of your outside-in swing at Over the Top Golf or three which is learn to live with your left to right shots and practice the short game almost exclusively.

How many golf balls in a pros bag for one round?


What is the number one source for golf?

Depends on what you're looking for. If you want to keep up on the US professionals, then PGA tour website is the best. They have tons of great new information on the pros including swing speeds, launch angles, career money stats, etc. YouTube has tons of golf instruction videos.

How popular is the stack and tilt golf swing?

It is quite popular. On tour around 30 tour pros use it, such as Aaron Baddeley, Mike Weir and Dean Wilson. It is hard to say how many amateurs use it but it is a very sound concept.

How can one master the golf grip?

Golfers appear to love spending money on gadgets, videos and courses designed to improve their swing and grip. Many golfers rely on quality gloves to help with their grip. Stores like Golf Town offer lessons and have pros on staff to help with basics like developing a proper grip.

Do you need lessons in golf?

Yes, to play golf you need to have lessons. Even the pros have lessons, it doesnt matter if your beginner or master. Golf is a complex game which eneds guidance.

What putters do Pros use?

Golf pros just use the putters that you can buy in many golf shops but they are usually custom fit and customised for the player. The popular brands on tour include Yes, Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

Is it true that lee trevino and ray Floyd were golf hustlers before they were pros?


The pros and cons of golf?

Pro's ..... Its exercise and very social. Con's...... Not many i can think of

Can golf pros sit down after they have teed off?

No, they are forced to stand up until they die of exhaustion.

How many golf balls must pros hit daily?

It is probably up to him/her! If it is a pro then it can probably do what it wants.

Which brand of golf clubs is most used by golf pros?

Taylormade has many many tour players. The otheres would include Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Nickent, Cobra.

What is the cause of hitting your driver off the heel of the club?

One of the causes of this is an inaccuracy in your swing. What you could be doing here is bringing the club slightly to the outside as you swing back and therefore the corresponding motion in your downswing is causing the club back down along that outside path therefore hitting the ball with the heel of the club. What you could do here is either slow your swing down and try and regroove it properly, or at address have the ball set up inline with the toe, this will cause you to hit the middle of the club even if you bring your swing to the outside. This is a simple fix which even some PGA Tour pros use.

What clubs are used most by golf pros?

Nike Titleist Taylor made Callaway Cleveland Adams Cobra

Where can I find listings of local golf pros who give golf lessons?

The great majority of professional golfers (at least 95%) make their living from teaching the game, running golf clubs and courses, and dealing in golf equipment. In American English the term golf pro refers to individuals involved in the service of other golfers.

What are all the styles of golf irons?

There are three main styles when it comes to golf irons. The first and probably the most common among amateur golfers is a cavity back. This club has a significant indentation on the backside of the club. These irons will be the most forgiving of the three main types and will give the most consistent feedback. I would recommend these irons for anyone with a handicap above a 10 as they are a great starting club. Adams golf club is possibly making the best cavity back irons right now. They come in two types, game improvement and super game improvement both of which are good for the beginning golfer. The next major type is what many companies call a half-cav, or a half cavity back. These irons will have less of an indentation on the back and are slightly less forgiving. These irons will allow the player to shape shots significantly more than the full cavity back and are made for players in the 0-10 handicap range. Many tour pros play these irons and absolutely love them. The final type is a blade iron. These will have no indentation in the back and would qualify as very unforgiving. These irons will react very poorly to any shot that is not hit on the sweet spot. These irons will definitely allow the player to shape shots to their heart's desire. These are the only irons that will truly allow the player to hit massive hooks or slices that aren't possible with the full or half cavity irons. Some of the tour pros are playing these irons but many of them have moved away from these irons in recent years because the half-cavs have made significant improvements. I personally would not recommend playing blade irons unless you average under par. I did play blades for awhile and I am a low single digit handicap and absolutely hated them. They are very difficult to be consistent with but if you are a very good player then you can handle them.

Where can one find information on golf refinery?

One can find information on golf refinery from refinergolf website. They have golf training aids by touring pros. Dual adjustable hinged club engineering to hit golf balls.

How many professional athletes went from high school to the pros?

34, from major sports (football, baseball, basketball, golf)

Where do golf pros stay during a tournament?

They either stay at a hotel, or they or their management team rent a house or apartment for the week.

Do golf pros keep their own scores?

Yes, they keep the score of their playing partner, or the players card they have been given.

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