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A cobra, snake, or serpent is generally, but not always, used to symbolize temptation into sin just as when the serpent tempted Eve into sinning. Also, it can be used to symbolize something very sneaky, bad, and dangerous. That's why when a person is called a snake in the grass, it means something bad about that person. The word snake, is used to imply that a person is bad. This is used in many different countries and different cultures around the world. So, in conclusion, a person who has a cobra tattoo either likes cobras or in most cases is trying to give a message to everyone that he or she is a bad ass, so back off! Finally, a cobra is really just one of God's creatures, but, throughout the ages it has gotten a bad reputation and that's why the modern view of it is something that is bad.

AnswerThe King Cobra is a sacred symbol in many cultures. The Cobra and snake in general was the force that gave man his divine spark. Shakti is the name of the female energy coiled up at the base of the spine(snake.) Snake equals transformation, fire, magic, and wisdom. It was the snake who guided Eve to eat the apple, which in turn freed her from the sleep and she awoke to consciousness. The Cobra is a graceful animal and appears always to carry an air of dignity and nobility. The physical charisma with which it is endowed is without doubt also one of the reasons why it, among all snakes, was chosen by the Nagas (an ethnic group living in Nagaland and Manipur state in the northeastern part of India) to be their totem. The most famous use of cobra symbolism is that of the royal Egyptian uraeus, worn at the forehead of the pharaoh to represent sovereignty, knowledge, life, and youth.

Also the cobra represented the sign of protection in ancient Egypt, the first answer is a matter of opinion stating the the cobra means sin and temptation or wanting to be sneaky.......ha....hogwash


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