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I researched a bit and the only thing I could come up with was the Geneva Convention Article of War 107 regarding prisioners of war. It's possible that AW 107 is a reference to your grandfather being held by the enemy during an active war time period. AW refers to the Articles of War during WW2 and AW 107 was the article that gave the authority to grant an honorable discharge to a service man or woman. This article also granted authority to award the service man a lapel button with the emblem of an eagle on it. This pin was nicknamed the "ruptured duck" and the service man was allowed to wear it on his uniform for up to 30 days from the date of discharge. This gave him time to get home and get some civilian clothes. He was then authorized to wear the pin on his civilian clothes. These pins were originally made of gilded metal, but due to metal shortages, they were later made out of gilded plastic and also cloth. I can't believe how many web pages contain "Articles of War". I quickly found the original British version from 1749 and US version of 1806, but Article 107 was a much later addition. "ART. 107. SOLDIERS TO MAKE GOOD TIME LOST. Every soldier who deserts the service of the United States, or who without proper authority absents himself from his organization, station, or duty for more than one day, or who is confined for more than one day under sentence, or while awaiting trial and disposition of his case, if the trial results in conviction, or who through the intemperate use of drugs or alcoholic liquor, or through disease the result of his own misconduct, renders himself unable for more than one day to perform duty shall be liable to serve, after his return to a full duty status, for such period as shall, with the time he may have served prior to such desertion, unauthorized absence, confinement, or inability to perform duty, amount to the full term to his enlistment." So, if your father wasn't court-martialed (which would certainly be noted in his discharge papers), he probably partied a bit too much and over-stayed his leave or came back too drunk for duty. All Hat No Horse

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Q: What does a comment on your father's discharge papers mean that says '42 days lost under AW 107 Lapel Button Issued'?
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What does 2 days lost under lapel button issued aw 107 on your fathers discharge paper?

The Lapel Button is the Honorable Discharge pin. The soldiers called it a "ruptured duck". Anything which took flight in a big hurry during the war was said to take off like a ruptured duck. Then when they saw the pins, which were not too artistic, depicting a somewhat potbellied eagle in flight, they naturally called it a ruptured duck. AW 107 is Article of War number 107. The Articles of War are the military laws which govern a soldiers conduct. AW 107 specifies that time a soldiers spends in the guardhouse or the brig, or time when he is AWOL, does not count toward his obligated time of service. This did not matter much in WWII because all soldiers were in "for the duration", until the war was won. It was mentioned on discharge papers in case the soldier returned to military service or continued in other Federal employment, because the time lost under AW 107 would not count toward the years needed for retirement. It means the soldier got in some minor difficulty while in the service, nothing serious.

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