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Consular Officers are Foreign Service Officers working for the United States Department of State. Consular Officers are assigned to U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. They most often receive, review and adjudicate visa applications. Consular Officers may also provide a wide range of services for U.S. citizens traveling or living overseas including maintaining their welfare, assisting in locating missing citizens, helping US citizens get appropriate health care, and assisting with legal matters such as imprisonment. Other duties may include analyzing the country's public opinion and attitudes, developing policies, evaluating a foreign country's economic or political conditions and trends, analyzing a foreign country's specific forces, protecting American citizens, property or interests in a foreign country and related duties. Consular Officers are expected to be efficient in processing visas, be knowledgeable of current U.S. foreign policy objectives and programs and be able to communicate well with others.

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Q: What does a consular officer do?
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Is a foreign service consular officer a diplomat?


Does U.S. Embassy consular officer have a notary expiration date?

No, U.S. Consular Officers notarizing documents overseas do not have expiration dates for their notary powers.

Can you extend your visa?

Nope. You have to leave the country and apply for another visa at the Consular Officer abroad.

What has the author Martin William Moser written?

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Can you use a matricula consular to register to vote in the US?

No. A matricula consular proves that you are a citizen of a foreign country.

What is a head of post in a foreign mission?

In an Embassy, the Head of Post is the Ambassador. At a Consulate, the Head of Post is usually the most senior Consular Officer. At a Consulate General, the Head of Post is the Consul General.

Can an undocumented immigrant obtain a matricula consular?

Yes. In fact, most people who have a matricula consular are undocumented immigrants.

Matricula consular is the same as passport?

No. A passport is a booklet and is good for international travel. A matricula consular is a card and is not good for travel.

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Who requires a consular invoice?

importer or exporter