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all the normal stuff like ask you if your doing drugs and if you eat healthy and other tests. if your question is more directed towards your genitals he will ask if u have felt any bumps or lumps because of testicular cancer, and he will take a feel for himself. he might ask you to cough a couple times to check if you have a hernia. hope this helps

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Q: What does a doctor do for male physicals?
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How much do physicals at cvs cost?

CVS is a drug store not a doctors office, so they don't do physicals. Call a doctor.

What are physicals?

A physical is a "check" a doctor gives your body so that you can participate in sports, drive buses, etc.

Does Kroger do physicals?

Certain Krogers have 'The Little Clinic' in them and they do basic physicals and healthcare.

What are the typical tasks the a fertility doctor is responsible for?

The fertility doctor is one of the first people you will see upon a visit to the fertility clinic. They will want a health history from both the male and the female and each person will have a physical performed by them. Once it is established that fertility is the desired route then the fertility doctor will be the one who continues to provide physicals for the female and will be the person who removes and then implants eggs within the female.

How early of age do males have to take off all of their clothes in physicals?

It always depends on what you are seeing the doctor for. Cover ups and gowns are part of the deal. But when was your first time?

Do pediatricians give physicals?


When does the doctor tell if the child is male or female?

During first sonography a doctor can answer if a a child is male or female.

What is a male doctor called?

Male and female physicians are called, 'Doctor'. There are no gender-based titles in medicine. If you mean a doctor who specializes in boys or men's private parts, then that would be a urologist. The doctor may be either male or female.

Im 13 and you had your first period in october last year and you were wondering if you have to now go see a doctor?

You do not have to go see a doctor just because you got your period. Your doctor that gives you physicals should know the next time you see them. Unless something is wrong then no doctor is needed, until you start having sex.

Is it illegal for parents to do school physicals?


What is the proper salutation for a women doctor and male?

The proper salutation in English for either a medical doctor or the holder of a Ph.D. is the same for either male or female. It is simply "Doctor".

Why is the doctor Doctor Who never a girl when he regenerates?

The BBC chose whether the Doctor is male or female.