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All dogs are different, just like people. My dog prefers chicken and bacon.

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Q: What does a dog like to eat better Chicken or Porkchop?
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What is bad for a dog to eat?

Chocolate, peanut butter and Chicken bones dogs shouldn't be eating these things because chocolate will kill the dog the peanut butter will clog the dogs system and chicken bones break into shard like structures. They are not strong enogh but dogs can have porkchop bones

Your dog puked sharp porkchop bones?

Gross! Gross!

Is porkchop bones going to kill dogs?

No, pork chop bones will do no effect to that dog, i have a black lab myself and i feed him anything even chicken bones and still no problems.

Can you tame a dog with a porkchop in minecraft?

No. You can only tame a wolf with bones.

Is eating porkchop bones harmful to a dog?

well first off,WHY are you giving your dog porkchop bones?????kinda stupid.......anyways if your dog eats any kind of bone like chicken or turkey(thanksgiving is in 2 days)then you should take them to the vet to have it removed because first off they could choke on it,second,they cant digest it and third,the bone could splinter and cut the inside of their throat or stomache and it could make them internally the short and sweet answer would be:GET THAT DOG TO THE VET ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a hot dog better then chicken nuggets?

No! C,hicken nuggets are better because the last time I ate a hot dog, it was to be polite, and then I puked. Chicken nuggets also taste better, if you have them with tomato sauce. I have now made myself hungry, awww we have no chicken nuggets in our freezer, so where do you live so I can raid your house for chicken nuggets.

If a chicken and a dog had babies what would they look like?


How do you get adult dog to eat dog food?

To get an adult dog to eat, you should put a treat in the food. Or mix the dog food with chicken because the dogs can smell the chicken so they would like to eat it.

What is a chicken hot- dog made up from?'s grounded up and cooked to look like a hotdog

How do you keep your dog alive in minecraft?

Give food (porkchop, steak, cooked porckchop raw fresh etc) amd feed them

Can you feed your dog chicken that might be to old to eat?

You should not feed your dog anything at all that might be to old. By not knowing how old it is the smart thing to do would be to not feed your dog the chicken. It is better to be safe than sorry and in this case your dog could get very sick.

Dog allergic to chicken in blue buffalo dog food?

a dog cant be allergic to a chicken!

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