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What does a dog symbolize?

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Dogs symbolize many things in different countries so it's difficult to give you any specifics on this. Please go onto and type in: What do dogs symbolize in different countries. Also, it symoblizies man's best friend! (as you should know the saying!)

2009-01-28 01:12:01
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What do dog wood tattoos symbolize?

what does dog wood tattoos symbolize

What does a dog symbolize as campaign symbol?

a dog

What does the dog symbolize in the movie wag the dog?

dog (cininas)

What does the dog symbolize in The Indian Dog?

A dog symbolizes: faithfulness and guardianship. Hope that helps! Peace out!

What do peonies symbolize?

a fat face on a dog

What does the dog symbolize?

Trust and faith. mostly trust

What animal symbolize a police?

A German Shepard (dog)

Do a dog symbolize Aries?

No. A ram symbolizes Aries.

What the dog symbolize in the lady with the pet dog story?

your mamas so FAT she sat on the rainow and .......

What does a foo dog tattoo symbolize?

Protection, strong, and courage

What does a white dog symbolize in a dream?

Early marriage, for women.

What does a fu dog tattoo symbolize?

A Fu Dog Tattoo symbolizes protection from harmful influences and people with evil intentions.

How can you symbolize loyalty in a picture?

You might symbolize loyalty in a picture by photographing a young boy with his dog. The dog has long been a symbol of loyalty in literature and in art. The Irish Claddagh ring is also a symbol of loyalty that can be shown in a picture.

Why did Titian paint a sleeping dog on the foot of his Venus of Urbino's bed?

To symbolize fidelity and lust

In Japanese culture what does the dog symbolize?

the dog obviously sybolizes food only an IDIOT who is not Japanese or knows nothing of the culture would attempt to answer this one.

What does the paw tattoo symbolize on women?

That's she's an animal in bed/ a total bitch/ a bit of a dog.

What does a dog symbolize in the US?

Nothing. They are kept as pets by some people. Dogs are not raised for food in the US.

What does a Japanese temple symbolize?

What does a Japanese temple symbolize? What does a church symbolize? What does a synagogue symbolize? What does a mosque symbolize? What does a any of them symbolize? a place to get in touch with whatever you believe in.

Why does the crocodile in Peter Pan act like a weird puppy?

because it is supposed to symbolize their dog at home. like its their imagionation

What does the dog leash symbolize in The Great Gatsby?

The dog collar symnolizes Tom & Myrtles' relationahip, the sins of the world, that nothing god can come of negative actions, and foreshadows Gatsby's death.

What does the dog symbolize in The Indian Dog by Momaday?

All i know is that a Wild dog symbolises a Spirit. Example: If you had a Wild dog (Say Half Wolf/Dog) And there was an Indian going to attack (say) your daughter or son, and the Wild Dog protected it and growled at the Indian, the Indian would flee like a Flea! Indians (Quote) were superstitious.

What does it mean to dream of a snake biting your dog?

In Western culture, snakes generally symbolize something dangerous, dishonest and repulsive. Dogs symbolize the opposite: trustworthy, loving, devoted protectors. So this dream suggests something dangerous and nasty attacking something trustworthy and protective. ... The dog might symbolize the dreamer's sense of what is right as well as the instinct for self protection. The snake might be a temptation that threatens to overwhelm the dreamer's common sense.

What does this dog behavior symbolize when he circles a person?

If he is circling you then it more than likely means that he does not like you or that he wants you to leave or he just don't trust you

What do lilies symbolize?

Lillies symbolize comfort.

What does two doves symbolize?

They symbolize peace