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What does a exclamation mark tattoo mean?


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It might show that you are not afraid to be loud,or in outher words not afraid to be you

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It means an expression of surprise, pain or anger, etc and is denoted in print with this mark: ! Often people say or write 'exclamation' when they mean 'exclamation mark'.

An exclamation mark is used to express strong feelings or a high volume.

statement: Add an exclamation mark.exclamation: Add an exclamation mark.

On a dashboard? It means your handbrake is on.

An upside down exclamation mark could be written as an "i". EX: (exclamation mark)=! (upside down exclamation mark)=i The "upside down exclamation mark" is really the letter "I" but lower case.

I assume you mean an exclamation mark. (!) It stands for emphasis and indicates that the words it follows are said with strong feeling. e.g. "Good Grief!" "Thats amazing!"

what year was the exclamation mark invented in

It can indicate excitment, anger, or some sort of exclamation. It depends on the context of the conversation.

There is no difference between an exclamation mark and an exclamation point. They are two names for the same thing.

There is no one single punctuation mark to signal both interrogation and exclamation. For that you should just combine the question mark - "?" - and the exclamation mark - "!" - into "?!" and use that instead. Example: "What do you mean there are no cookies left?!" Hope this helped :)

in sentences there can be an exclamation mark in it!

If you are asking a question, you need a question mark. If you are making an exclamation, you need an exclamation point. "Is this a question?" "Of course it is!"

"Between" an exclamation mark? Exclamation marks do not change the normal rules of capitalization.

It is a mark that indicates intensity of emotion, loudness and can also indicate a persons astonishment

Exclamatory sentence will end with an exclamation mark.

The sign with an exclamation mark in a triangle with arrows circling it is like, telling you to recycle. It's just, it has more meaning to it as if it were saying, "Recycle!!!"

exclamation mark means a sign used in writing to show surprise,shock,etc. as in wow i cant believe you got a new bike!

An exclamation mark inside a triangle is a warning sign. This can be a warning sign on many devices including a car, a computer, or a cell phone.

It is sapnish. when you write an exclamation u do this: I'm hungry! goes to ¡ten go hambres!

An exclamation mark comes at the end of a sentence, and you generally do not begin a new sentence with the word and, so in general you will not have the word and after an exclamation mark.

In a 2006 dodge charger Instruction manual. The exclamation mark means the tire pressure is low or that the tire pressure censor is mulifunction

No, do not put a period after a exclamation mark, it would make you look stupid!.

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