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What does a fire department connection do?

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Fire department connections are actually used in fire sprinkler systems.When any fire occurs water is discharged from the sprinkler heads that have fused, and are discharging water to supress and extinguish the fire. The fire department connection is used by the fire department to add to the water supply to the sprinklers and/or charge the interior hydrant connection withn the building (if any).

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Where is the fire department connection located?

Normally in the front of the building.

What is the NFPA definition of what is the maximum distance a fire department connection can be from a fire hydrant?

150 feet

When do you need stortz connection?

Stortz connections are used to connected lengths of fire department water supply hose, or to connect a fire pumper to a structure's sprinkler and/or standpipe system. They provide a 1/4 turn 'sexless' connection, which is normally faster and easier to complete than a threaded coupling. The type of connection used to supply a structure is regulated by the fire code that applies to the jusisdiction where the structure is located. Designers and engineers should consult with their local Fire Marshal to determine the correct type of connection for their local. Using this type of connection for fire department supply hose depends on the standard operating procedures for hose in place at the fire department. Designers and engineers should conact their Fire Chief's office to determine these procedures.

Should you capitalize fire department?

When you are writing about a particular fire department (Seattle fire Department, New york City Fire Department, etc), it is a Proper Noun and should be capitalized. If you are writing about fire department in general, as in the sentence "Should you capitalize "fire department?" the terms is a common noun and should not be capitalized.

How much clearance is required around a fire department connection?

36" W x 36" D x 78" H

How did the fire department react to the great fire of London?

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What is the oldest fire department in Georgia?

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What feature is required on a fire department connection that allows a firefighter to charge the first hoseline prior to connecting the second?

A gated Y valve.

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