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What does a fly bite look like?

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it looks swoollen and maybe red

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What does a green head fly bite look like?

The bite of a green head fly is extremely small. If you don't see the bite occurring it may be very hard to find.

What does a blow fly bite look like?

a Blowfly "bite" doesn't look like anything...blowflies don't have teeth....they just suck...they really do suck!

What does a horse fly bite look like on humans?

a big red bump

What does a big black horse fly bite look like?

A horse fly bite looks like a large raised reddish bruise. or a small tomato without the green bit on top

What does a black fly bite on a dog look like?

A black fly bite on a dog appears the same as it would on a human or anything else. It looks like a large mosquito bite, but the affected area will be much more swollen, tender, and red.

What does a black fly bite look like?

The bite of a black fly looks like a small and red spot that is surrounded by a slightly reddened and swollen area. Itching may occur at the site of the bite. In some cases, the bite may cause fever, nausea, aching joints.

What do deer fly bites look like?

They look like fully red, raised bumps. In some people, large swelling can occur around the bite as well.

What does a horse fly bite look like on a horse?

You will know that a fly has been annoying a horse if you see him scratching himself. Buy a bottle of fly spray or put on a fly rug and that should sort em out!

What does a mayfly bite look like?

Mayflies do not bite

What does a locust bite look like?

they dont bite

What does a house centipede bite look like?

Looks like a vampire bite. :

What are some flying bugs that look like fleas?

Biting midge are animals that are similar to gnats and fleas that fly. Buffalo gnats are also similar to fleas and can fly and bite.

What does a grasshopper bite look like?

Grasshoppers do not bite, they are Veggitarian

What does a termite bite look like on a human?

It looks like a big mosquito bite..

What does a flea bite look like?

Flea bites look like a spider bite but only with dots and it is also swollen and itchy.

What does a spider crickets bite look like?

it looks just like a spider cricket bite

What does a coyote bite look like?

a coyote is a wild dog do it looks like a dog bite

How do you treat a black fly bite on your eye?

how do i treat a black fly bite on the eye

What does a grub bite look like?


What does a coach roach bite look like?

does couch roach bites and what do they look like

What insect does a syrphid fly look like?

a fly

What does a garter snake bite look like?

a garter snake bite will probably will look red at first after a while it will like purplish redish and maybe swelling.

How does a bedbug bite look like?

A bed bug bite looks like red welts almost like mosquito bites.

What does a spider bite look like?

It looks almost like a tick bite with the bite mark and then a round red spot around it as long as it isn't venomous.

What does a baby fly look like?

there like mini worms or slugs that don't fly yet i saw a couple in my garbage keep your garbage open outside and Yul find tons of baby flys they don't bite and have big eyes but small body

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