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*"Do you believe in people?" ;-) *I can't see you."

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How do you say ghost in Russian?

ghost - призрак (prizrak)

What did the mommy ghost say to the baby ghost?


How do you say ghost in Polish?

"Ghost" in Polish is "Duch".

What are you supposed to say when you walk through a ghost?

Sorry. Then make a note to yourself to arrange another appointment with your therapist

Who did the ghost say would happen to Tiny Tim?

He stated taht he would not live another christmas

Where was the ghost cat found?

I am sorry to say that ghost do not exist

What did the ghost say to the other ghost?

Let's go a haunting.

Another word for ghost in English?

GHOST : figment, phantom, apparition

Will ghost from MW2 will be in another game?

most of you guys might be sad about this but ghost will not be in another call of duty. But you guys should know that ghost is actually Gaz from COD4.

How do you say ghost boy in cantonese?

gaui lo is ghost boy

What does a ghost say when he calls his girlfriend on the phone?

it depends on the ghost ;O

Did people saw ghost?

some people say or prove that they see ghost if it is true people see ghost but i think there are no ghost

What is the only animal that can live with a ghost?

The only animal that can live with a ghost is another ghost, or the ghost shrimp. The ghost shrimp often lives with a variety of other ghost shrimp in the ocean.

What is another way to say Holy Spirit?

You can call him "the Holy Ghost" or "the Spirit of God" or "the Spirit" more than "the Holy Spirit".

How do you say ghost in any language?

In the Italian language the word for ghost is fantasma

How do you say ghost train in spanish?

The Ghost Train = El Tren Embrujado

What is the Kannada word for 'ghost'?

In Kannada, we would say: Bhootha or Devva.

Another word for phantom?


What is the difference between a specter and a ghost?

Specter or spectre is simply another word for ghost.

Is the holy ghost Jesus?

The holy ghost or (spirit) is another form of Jesus and God

Will there be another season of Ghost hunt anime?

There are no plans for Ghost hunt to recieve a sequel.

Can a ghost be scared of another ghost?

Yes, a ghost can be scared of aother ghost. Lets say a little girl was bullied by her parents, then they die the next day. The little girl would be afraid of her parents because she was whe she was alive, some ghosts don't know that they are dead. They just live their lives like they did when they were alive.

How do you say ghost in Spanish?


How do you say ghost in Japanese?


How do you say ghost in latin?


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