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it eats smaller dragon flies, moths, bees, mosquitoes and other insects

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Can a fly kill a bearded dragon?

no in fact the bearded dragon will eat the fly.

How many mosquitoes does a dragon fly eat?

A dragon fly eats about 200 mosquitoes daily. A dragon fly eats other things like flies.

What does a dragon fly eat?

a dragon fly eats butterfly mosquitoesflies may flies horse flies ext

Does a shark eat dragon fly larvae?

no no no no no no n o no

What kinds of bugs do frogs eat?

flydragon flysmall flysmall butterflywater bug

Does a dragongfly eat Chuck Norris?

No chuck norris eats a dragon fly.

How do i get rid of Dragon fly larvae in tropical aquarium?

You can net and remove them or you can put some fish in that are large enough to hunt and eat them. Well grown Dragon fly larvae will easily eat fish as large as 8mls.

What is dragon fly larva?

the pre stage of a dragon fly

Are dragon fly nymphs carnivours?

The dragon fly is a carnivore.

What kind of animals eat mosquitoes?

Birds, such as the Purple Martin, and insects, such as the Dragon Fly.

Is the dragon fly or hawk moth faster?

i think a dragon fly can fly faster

What does dragon fly eat?

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, termites, butterflies, and other small insects.

What do dragon flys eat?

Dragon flies usually come in numbers just before sunset. They fly around rather low to the ground and eat any insect that will fit into their mouth.

How is a dragonfly suited to living next to a pond?

a dragon fly has lots to eat next to a pond

Could a Venus Flytrap eat a Dragon fly?

Yes, as long as it's not too big.

What does a dragon fly like to eat?

Dragonflies eat mosquitoes, flies, bees, ants, termites, butterflies, and other small insects.

Is the mosquito hawk the same as snake doctor?

A mosquito hawk looks like a giant sized mosquito. A snake doctor is a dragon fly.

How fast can a giant hornet fly up to?

a giant hornet can fly only 15 mph

What bugs do trouts eat?

Mayflies, caddis flies, damsel flies, grasshoppers, crickets, dragon fly.

Is dragon fly larvae a carnivore?

Yes, the dragon fly larva is a voracious predator.

What is the helping verb in you eat the giant atrichoke?

The sentence, 'You eat the giant artichoke.' has no helping verb, only the main verb 'eat'. The same sentence with sample helping verbs added:You can eat the giant artichoke.You will eat the giant artichoke.You did eat the giant artichoke.You should eat the giant artichoke.

How tO breed a butterfly dragon?

You need the butter dragon and the fly dragon

What is the purpose of Giant Crane Fly?

check out this website: http://www.enature.com/fieldguides/detail.asp?recNum=IS0067 According to this website, the Giant Crane Fly doesn't eat, but it's larvae eats decaying plant matter. Therefore the purpose of the Giant Crane Fly would be: it's larvae helps break down plant matter back to soil.

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