Cole and Dylan Sprouse

What does a good Sprouse mean?

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I'm sorry, but what does 'the good for make' mean?

if u mean cole sprouse then he is 16.

No, not really that good as Dylan Sprouse anyway.

Cole Sprouse doesn't sing, he acts.

No! Of course Dillion sprouse is not a VIRGIN. I mean come on hes an actor!

a SPOUSE is an Ehepartner

yes he is a very good skateboarder

If you mean ADD, then yes he does.

If you mean The Suite Life on Deck, it finished last year.

Dylan sprouse does really good at school he is like the smartest kid evr in his class. i know i am in his school in edgewood public school in Toronto

no..he hasn't..they are such a good boy..

YES!!He is a fantastic Artist

They both agree Cole is smarter. Watch the interview of Cole and Dylan in the Good Morning America.

dylan-sprouse and cole-sprouse

Yes. Dylan is so smart and Cole is good with the ladies!

No, they are only very good friends (:

cole mitchell sprouse and Dylan thomas sprouse

If u mean Dylan SPROUSE it's most likely becuz hes famous but everybody should know that Cole Sprouse is cooler :)

Dylan and Cole Sprouse became so sucessful because they can act very good and because they are twins.

Once in a while but it does really look that good on him. :/

No they are just really good friends

Michelle Sprouse is Cole and Dylan sprouse mom (Zack and Cody)

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