What does a goodly apple rotten at the heart mean?


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as I understand it, a goodly rotten apple is someone (or something) who is a part of system, a group, who is themselves bad and will likely corrupt the other members of the group, cause trouble, etc...


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It depends what you mean......... eg. 'the apple I found is rotten' or 'she is a rotten speller'

There is "small choice in rotten apples" because all the apples are rotten and, therefore, you will have a rotten apple no matter which one you pick.

but if you mean garbage e.g rotten apple the some animals can.

(Goodly is a mostly archaic term for "considerable" that also could mean physically attractive.)Many town marshals in the Old West were hired for their shooting abilities, and a goodly number of them were former outlaws.

it doesnt mean anything, certain types of apples have red flesh on the inside of the apple such as the 'firecracker', or 'glowing heart'. basically its just the type of apple, so nothings wrong with it at all.

You may use the verb 'kusatte iru' to mean 'rotten.'

If you mean "putrid" it means rotten.

People are being too literal. Of course it means that one rotten apple in the bushel basket can ruin them all, but it also means one negative or misbehaving person in a group can bring the whole group down.

stinky, smelly, mean and bitter

My turkey doesn't smell like rotten eggs. But if it did, that would mean it was spoiling.

If this is spelled correctly, the two words do not go together. Malum may mean an evil or an apple. Animus means heart, spirit, soul - or opinion.

The rotten oranges represent something in your life that ought to be pleasant and lovely, but turns out to be rotten or nasty. That might be anything from a homework assignment or a shopping trip to a disappointing relationship.

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It is a slang word meaning "rotten", "filthy".

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Well lets see you can do it the evil way or the nice way Nice way- go up to her and say its over Mean way- Text her and say its over because your are spoiled rotten

They mean pretty much the same thing.

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