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What does a governor look like on an Briggs and stratton?

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3 Types: Pneumatic: Common to smaller, vertical engines (push mowers). A plastic air vane next to the flywheel fan that is attached to the throttle. A spring is also attached to the throttle or vane. Spring tries to open throttle, vane tries to close it. Air from the fan pushes on the air vane. Faster the engine spins, the more air is pushed against the vane, closing the throttle. Mechanical: Any larger vertical engine, most horizontal engines (tillers, riding mowers, etc.). A gear inside the engine has weights attached, as the engine speeds up, these weights spread outward, pushing on a rod that sticks out of the engine block. This rod has a linkage directly to the throttle, closing it as the engine speeds up. A spring (usually a couple) tries to counteract this motion, the balance between them determines engine speed. You will see a rod come out of the block that rotates. Attached to this w/ a pinch bolt is the gov. arm, which is usually 3-5" long, with multiple holes for adjustments. This will have a rod linkage near the end of it, which attaches to the throttle. Electronic: Larger, premium applications (generators). Speed-sensing device on engines sends signal to electric actuator motor on throttle. Necessary when precise throttle and speed control are required.

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Who makes Murray lawn?

Murray filed bankruptcy years ago, they was kinda absorbed by Briggs & Stratton Corpration, because Murray did owe Briggs a chunk of change... Briggs also owns Snapper now, if you look at the new Snappers you will notice they sure look like Snapper.....wonder why.....

Where is the starter solenoid located on a Briggs and Stratton 15.5 hp engine?

Look under dash in right side.

Where is the governor on a 17hp Briggs and stratton lownmower engine?

Take off the air cleaner and cover. There will be a rod attached to the throttle arm. Locate that rod and follow it back to what will most likely look something like a lever extending out from the engine block. That is the external portion of the governor. There are also gears and a counterweight inside the engine that act in conjunction with the external parts.

How do you adjust carburetor on 17.5hp INTEK Briggs and Stratton lawn tractor engine?

To do a carburetor adjustment on a Briggs and Stratton lawn tractor engine, one might look in to their user manual. The best way for this to be done would be to take it to a lawn mower store and have it professionally done.

Will a crank shaft on a 11.5 hp Briggs and stratton fit in a 11 hp Briggs and Stratton?

There are many parts at are used on multiple models of engines, so its like a 50/50 chance. The 1/2 horsepower difference may use a completely different one though... Post back the model and code numbers of each of the engines, and I will look up if they are compatible or not.

Who manufactures Craftsman snowblower engines?

just bought a craftsman snow blower yesterday. 3 manufacturers, MTD, Briggs and Stratton and Husqvarna. was told MTD 357cc was chinese can`t even find a torque # for it, Briggs and Stratton 305cc and 342cc made in USA, they had no Husqvarna so i don`t know about motors. was told Briggs and Stratton were not only making the motors but the whole machine, on the Pro series i bought which has the Briggs motor, if you look on the chassis it says built in the USA. This information i was told at a Sears store. hope its correct.

How do you check oil in Briggs and stratton 12.5hp motor?

With the engine off for at least 15 minutes, remove the dipstick and look to see if the oil is at the full mark.

Why Briggs and Stratton 6.5 hp starts but cuts off?

Three things you want to look for: dirty/clogged ful filter; faulty spark plug; carburetor setting.

How much compression is good on a Briggs and stratton 15.5 hp engine?

briggs doesn't offer compression ratings for their engines. I will usually pull it 3 to 5 times and look for 90 to 120. anything less is a problem and if it doesn't hold compression there is a problem

What Should the gap be set on the spark plug for the Briggs and stratton 12.5 HP Lawn Mower...10 years old?

Most Briggs and Stratton (B&S) engines of that size can have the spark plug gapped to 0.030" What I truly recommend is that you visit the Briggs and Stratton web site and download the engine owner's manual. You will need the Model Number, Type Number and maybe the Date Code. This information will be used to obtain the appropriate Owner's Manual. You can also obtain the IPL (Illustrated Parts List) for your particular engine. The web site is - and you can take a look around for the manuals.

Which brand is better tor snapper or john deere?

The most important thing is the engine. The rest is all the same. Look for anything with a Briggs and stratton engine and you will be fine. What a dumb answer. Deere by a landslide!

Can my Briggs and stratton self-propelled lawn mower be pulled backwards even with the engine shut off?

You are Supposed to be able to do that easily. Oil the wheels. What is keeping it from moving backwards? Look fer it!

What type of oil to use in a 20 hp Briggs and Stratton?

An SAE 5w30 full synthetic will provide excellent protection under all conditions. Look for the new API SN rating vs. the previous SM rating.

How much compression Briggs and stratton vanguard 35 HP?

B&S does not specify compression readings. Look for 120, give or take 20. More important than actual compression is the difference between the 2 cylinders.

Where is a speed governor look like?

Lines of computer code. The speed governor is a programmed setting, not a physical component.

who can fix pressurewashers hotwater units?

You might want to bring your pressure washer to a dealer or repair service that specializes in your pressure washer model. For instance, if you have a Kohler, Briggs and Stratton or Honda Engine model, you can look for one of these dealers to perform the repair. Websites like Pressure-washers.industrial can help you locate a repair service.

Fuel pressure 2000 grand am 2.4 twin cam?

That motor is A little 'Hoss', Noone ever said this but I think it is built by Briggs and Stratton, If you look inside the crankcase there are several places that have A logo that looks exactly like the B/G logo. Fuel pressure should be no less than high 30s at idle.

What can cause a 17 HP Briggs and Stratton to run only with choke fully closed?

There is restriction of fuel flow somewhere. Look for a clogged fuel filter, a pinched fuel line, or debris in the fuel tank. Otherwise, the carburetor needs to be re-set.

Where do you find a motor id for a Briggs-stratton motor?

Briggs usually puts the model type and code numbers either on the blower housing closest to spark plug, on a plate directly under the blower housing, on the top of the valve cover or sometimes on a plate attached to the blower housing. It kind of depends on the engine but if you look in those places chances are you'll find it

Your Briggs and stratton lawnmower starts but then cuts out after about 30 secs What is wrong with it?

The fuel filter is probably clogged and restricting the fuel flow. If the engine blows black smoke before it cuts out, then the engine is flooding - look for a dirty air filter or a fouled spark plug.

How do you take governor off 5 hp Briggs and stratton go cart motor?

Exactly where to look depends heavily on the model and type number, but somewhere in the tangled mess of linkage and springs that are on that control plate, you will find the governor control arm. This is usually about 3-5 inches long, with holes along its length, a rod on one end, and a pinch bolt on the other. Remove the pinch bolt. The governor is now free. You will still need some sort of throttle control, because now the governor spring will just lock the throttle wide open. Use old bicycle brake cable, maybe. It's easily rigged. Incidentally, this modification is gauranteed to destroy the engine.

When did John Deere manufacture the model 108?

The 108 is an 8hp Briggs & stratton tractor made from about 1980 to 1986. It was replaced by the JD 130. Your JD dealer should be able to look up the microfilm listing for the tractor and give you an exact year of manufacture from the serial number.

What does the solenoid look like on the Briggs and stratton engine?

Fuel solenoid: Small plastic clip w/2 wires attached to bottom of carb float bowl. Starter solenoid: Depends on application/equipment manufacturer, but usually is a black plastic, 2 or 3" square, w/2 lugs about 1.5" high, and 2 smaller connections on side for keyswitch.

How do you tell what horsepower your Briggs and Stratton is?

Good ballpark HP ranges by series: 525 thru 575 - 3.5 hp 600 thru 675 - 4.5 hp 700 thru 900 - 6.5 hp 1150 - 8 hp 1350 - 9hp 1450 - 10hp 1550 - 11hp These are just estimates by me, the fact is these engines don't HAVE hp ratings. Here is the Briggs and Stratton page that tells you where to look and how to contact them to find out the gross torque or horsepower for your engine. There is also a video explaining the ratings:

Who is carlos pena girlfriend?

Julia Briggs look her up on

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