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What does a ground wasp or bee nest look like?

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it looks like a little nest with a thing that holds it on top.

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What does a underground wasp bee or hornets nest appear to look like from the ground surface?

A Hole

What does the nest of a yellow jacket wasp look like?

It looks like the wasp nest or honey bee nest; only it is located completely underground, and is stacked in layers according to the size of the nest. Yellow jackets are of the hornet family.

What does a yellow jacket nests look like?

A yellowjacket nest is underground, and is similar to a wasp nest - built in layers. Yellowjackets are in the wasp family, not the hornet family.

Bee nests in ground?

hornets ---------- there are a number of bees that nest in the ground..digger bees are solitary bees that will nest in large numbers at time, creating holes along the arid areas honeybees will nest in old ground burrows...wasps like yellow jackets will nest in the ground..a large wasp called a cicada killer is a solitary wasp that also nests in the ground Lar

What does a hornet nest look like?

A hornet nest has grey or light brown color. It looks like a wasp nest, with swirl patterns around it.

What does a stone wasp nest look like?

it looks kind of like a bees nest except more bigger. the color of the nest is gray or white:)

What is in a wasp nest?

A wasp nest is the habitat of a wasp.

Does the male or female wasp build the nest?

female wasp builds the nest.

What is a wasps nest like?

a wasp is like a bee but worst and a wasps nest is just like a bee hive but for wasps

How long does a wasp nest last?

The lifespan of a wasp nest depends on the species of the wasp, for example new queens or males. A male wasp can nest from April to August. A queen wasp can nest from April to October. Many wasp die off but the queen goes off into hibernation and returns in the spring.

Will vinegar kill a wasps nest?

Vinegar will kill a wasp nest by burning the wasp and their eggs. To kill the wasp and the nest instantly mix vinegar, soap, and water to be sprayed onto the nest.

How do you get rid of a wasp nest under a ground level deck?

If you can get close to the nest, try a pesticide powder. If it is not possible to safely approach the nest, call a pest removal company.

What goes in bee is to hive as wasp is to?

wasp as to nest

Will the wasp go away after the nest is gone?

If the nest of a wasp is completely destroyed, the wasps will search for another place to make a nest.

If a wasp nest is half destroyed will they rebuild it?

If they feel like it I guess.

What does a wasp nest look like?

Some wasps make their nest out of mud. They attach their nest to a porch roof or even an attic roof. The stay in the nest all winter and hatch in the sprint. Some wasps make a nest called paper nests. The are very large and look like pretty colored paper. They are made in layers and when disturbed, they will come after the person who disturbed them.

What type of insect makes its nest from chewed up mud or wood?

Wasp make their nest out of chewed up mud and wood which is what gives their nest such a distinct look.

What does a wasp's nest look like?

It depends on the wasp or hornet:Mud dauber waspUsually on flat walls or under eaves. The nest looks like a lump of clay with holes for the wasps to come and goPaper waspThe comic book drawing of a wasp nest. Usually hanging from a branch. Roughly shaped like a blown up paper bag with a smooth grey skin about the colour of odl wet newspaper. Wasps come and go through a hole in the bottom. Can be over 30 cm in diameterYellow jacketIt can be much like the paper wasp, but can be built onto a wall or under a deck like a mud dauber nest but built of paper. Also can be found in cracks in a foundation leading to a hollow space.

How do you get rid of paper wasp nest?

you can just burn the nest.

What happens to the queens wasp nest when the queen wasp dies?

Wasp colonies are very different than that of a bee. When a queen wasp dies there are other queens within the nest that will continue the operation of the colony.

Can you sell a wasp nest?

Whether or not you could sell a wasp nest would depend on whether you could find a buyer.

What is a wasps nest called?

Simply. It's called a nest. Whether its a wasp, hornet or jellow jacket nest. Whether its in a tree, in the wall of a house or underground, a nest. A communal wasp or hornet's nest is called a vespiary.

How do you kill wasp nest?

smash it

Can you get rid of wasp nest?


Is a wasp nest alive?