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Q: What does a gutted bluegill look like?
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Can fish like bluegill and bass out of a river survive in a pond?

Bass and bluegill do well in ponds.

What is the plural form of bluegill?

Bluegill or bluegills is the plural form of bluegill. Both are acceptable, although bluegill is preferred.

What is the past tense of gut?

Gutted, as in "I gutted the fish".

Are bluegill and tilapia the same?

Tilapia is a cichlid whereas bluegill are sunfish. They are not the same-nor do they taste the same-although they do look very similar to the untrained eye.

How do you use 'gutted' in a sentence?

she gutted the frog at school today.

Why does the bluegill have its body shape?

The bluegill is in the Panfish catagory.

When was She Lay Gutted created?

She Lay Gutted was created in 1999-11.

What size is a bluegill?

The size of a Bluegill is up to 10 inches

Is a bluegill internal or external?

is a bluegill fish internal or external

Is a bluegill fish endangered?

No, bluegill are a super abundant species.

What part of speech is gutted?

Gutted is a verb. It's the past tense of gut.

Where are bedding bluegill found?

Bluegill spawn in water three feet or less.

What rhymes with gutted?


What breed of minnow do bluegill eat?

Bluegill will eat any species of tiny fish.

Can catfish and bluegill live together?

Yes. But large catfish eat small bluegill.

What is average weight of an adult bluegill?

An average bluegill weighs 5 to 10 ounces.

Can bluegill be reared in captivity?

Yes, bluegill are a commonly used fish in aquaponics systems.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gutted - 2010?

The cast of Gutted - 2010 includes: Sally Carman as Louise

What is the record for the largest number of turkeys gutted in one hour?

Turkeys are commonly gutted for preparation in the food process. The record for the most turkeys gutted in one hour is thirteen turkeys.

What does hound-gutted mean?

The term hound-gutted refers to a horse (usually) that has a relatively slim waist. In other words it has a high flank. Like a Grey hound dog. It is not considered to be an admirable quality.

Do bluegill eat fish food?

bluegill eat fish food aka your mams vagina

When are bluegill most active?

Bluegill feed most heavily during morning and evening hours.

Does a largemouth bass eat bluegills?

The last answer was horrible. Yes largemouth eat bluegill. I was fishing earlier today in an acre and a half pond. My bait of choice was a 3-4 inch bluegill. I let the bluegill swim 3-6 feet from the shore, after about 10 minutes a largemouth approx. 22 inches started circling the bluegill like a shark. The bass continued to circle not even paying attention to 3 humans standing on the bank. We he was convinced the meal was good he sucked the bluegill in his mouth. I've never seen anything like it.

Is a bluegill a decomposer?

Yes it is.

Is a bluegill a carnivore?